megaProGaming e-Sports e.V. vs Impact Gaming (23394 views)

de butchji
de wEAK
de haZer
lv Clown
gb razz
at potter
ee Night
ee r3vers
ee Reload
si JaKaZc
de snoop
mt toxic
de drago
Grand Final
Clanbase Matchlink
19.06.08 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XVII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Bartichello (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 141462
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gl everybody
suck my cock essah

You have € 300 on pro
Possible win: € 453
gl mpg make me proud

no mAus?

gl gl gl gl gl gl gl gl gl gl mpg!!
mAus play with mpg only ESL
izi 4 mpg lol
butchjiiniiinhooo <3

au passage, why did drago leave mPG ? ? ?
r3vers!!!! GL IMPACT!!
butchji @ etbot > all
fucked final, impact crying people ;]
hopefully impact wont play with merc's, than its gonna be a close match.
but mpg will take it imo
tbh it's more interesting when they play with mercs
cmon some1 bet more on impact they will u rly wanna lose ur money??coz mpg will lose
drago pls go back to mpg so u can crazy panzer @ frostbite again. Tosspot: "I'm gonna SUCK drago's cock some more"
mpg 4:0
4-2 forsure.. but who will win? O:
get mystic to win
I love the Homepage from impact. ;) but the Homepage from mpg is much better ;)
drago in impact :o
in ovr, unless he has another clan...... again
mAus is just a megaprogamer in the Major series(ESL), not in EC
drago is just a backup, hes the 7th on the list, doesnt mean he plays.
np 4 mpg...
hopefully we ll get bashed on normal maps this time
weak will win!!!!
drago,snoop :o why they doesn't play for mpg anymore ? :/ i thing that will be close match because of those guys i've just named at the beginning...
tak sie zastanawiam.... kiedy to megaProGaming wreszcie przegra jakis mecz ?? xD
hmm. close one but i assume that mpg will take it although i hope different.imo impact needs a really good aimer(e.g.mystic) cause snoop cant do it all. reload isnt in best shape imo. another thing is good rifle.....revers can be a very good but it totally depends on a day for him. anyway hope it is gonna be fun and close matches. wouldnt like to see 4-0.
Some of Impact playas way out of shape for this match. :x
You have € 148 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 436.6

50 - 50
i think that mpg will take it but we will see
why this is set as final?
ovr-i' isnt playued yet?
because they know we'll win for sure
thats true :(give forfeit!?
It was already played and impact won 4-0 ....
someone really needs to get reading lessons ;-)
gl impact!
need mztk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol again JaKaZc with wrong flag, essAh plss! :D
lol again JaKaZc with wrong name, essAh plss! :D
lol again JaKaZc with wrong name, essAh plss! :D
piss off noob :DD
lol again JaKaZc with wrong name, essAh plss! :D
because its JaKaCz not JaKaZc
wtf mAus isn't playing the most important match?
epic fail
mAus played for Fat Games in EC i think, he is in pro for ESL, can only play for 1 team per cup.
its correct gheys ^^
i have the feeling that will be a long NIGHT :)
all Night long .. all night oo . gl Potter & Toxic
gl both teams
jo hazer dann mach uns ma keine schande
hf gl
mpg will do it again
mPg !
naiss engrish skillz you got !!!
Potter is going to destoy impact and ET will totally go crazy about oldschool players again.. :>
GL haZer
GL ScaTmaN
gL Impact
expected reschedule
the odds changed after the weak performance from pro against FiFg
Yes, but I imagine MPG getting their shit together when facing Impact.
it went from 2.00 to 2.67 for impact
easy bashi for mpg
What does the X in front of "pro vs. impact" on the right side mean? "canceled"?
wtf why today :<
nie ma chuja we wsi na mpg -.-
gl impact
i hope tosspot loads up his shoutcast after the match so i can watch it later on when i got time with the cast:)
wtf why today :<
good to know haha

*edit* its definitely NOT going to be played tonight
get merc : D
dont rly wanna get 3 mercs
Fuck this EC
maybe you should wait with posting this game on gtv over and over again, until you got a go from both teams & clanbase. people would stop to whine at us then, thank you :-)
Dominik du Schwuchtel strenge dich an, habe 222 € auf deinem Arsch gewettet
GL 'i :)
it will fail due lack of referees :D
You have € 5400 on de pro Cancel bet
Possible win: € 8478
epic fail jaujaujauja
impact cannot play.....
mpg 4:0 impact
All unknowns..
match is forced to thursday, that means we have to play with like 2-3 or more mercs, we cant reschedule since the uber important player clown is missing for mPG after thursday, same was on sunday when mpg could have used one merc but didnt do that because they won soooo closely against us in the previous match

gonna be a rly nice final hf
=( damn
Shit happens :[
i know you happen
als ich hörte das es zwischen dir und mpg differenzen gab, musste ich schmunzeln, dachte ned das ihr euch so geekigigigig verstreitet LüL
aber nun versteh ich wieso ich oft was von kindischem benehmen gehört habe : ]
sOoOrry that you guys can only play like twice a month with full lineup, you seem to care so hard about that game! :-)
ich versteh euer problem net, ihr müsstet nur euren schlechtesten spieler austauschen. außerdem habt ihr uns vorher schon so eindeutig besiegt, dass das auch in keinster weise einen unterschied machen würde
ich versteh euch noch viel weniger. wieso interessiert euch das game überhaupt noch, gegen 6-mann impact lineup zu spielen ist praktisch unmöglich, da irgendwer immer fehlt. wenn deine leute mal den arsch hoch kriegen würden und mal alle an einem tag sich zeit nehmen würden, wär sie sache sofort vom tisch. wenn denen halt alles wichtiger is als das ec finale, ihr problem. wenn du der meinung bist, dass wir eh gewinnen, kanns dir ja egal sein wann das spiel is.
ich versteh nich warum ihr alle kein fussball gucken wollt :P
Wer sagt das?
und cb zwingt euch zu diesem datum?
ich verstehe nicht was sagst du.. aber ich Habe groBe kopfshmerzen und mein deutsh ist kaput :D
wir konnten dienstag net und heute und morgen können wir net, ihr könnt dafür ja anscheinend mehrere wochen net also sind es sicher net wir die hier die probleme machen. außerdem wurde wie gesagt wegen euch das ec finale verschoben.
translate it pls! ;)
TAKE mztik!!! or mystic
cry more emokid
*cough* retard *cough*
rofl on thursday, didnt expect that there are still some guys not watching that match if they are german.
talkin about football 8D!
Nice no German will watch mPg win :(
i doubt mpg is rly going to play thursday
gl gnajda
gdzie ty masz kurwa gnajde?;o
nigdzie ale warto wspomnieć ten nick przy whinerach z impact.
when is the match POR-GER on euro 2008? thursday as well? then its gonna be crappy with this nice ec final :(
yes, the eurocup's grand final (21.00 cet) is going to clash with the euro2008 match which is taking place at 20.45 cet...
god damn... 5 german et players among mpg and impact and none of them actually wants to see their team playin?
i think they actually want to but cb forces them
could care less about GER v. POR, pls GER will ezbash (really a bunch of NL guys skipped out of ET to watch NL rape Romania but pls everybody knew NL would bash, I actually bet lol :D)
you seriously dont know anything about football and i doubt you actually understand what it is about.
Watch out the magic dynas !
cant c the game :(
Gl hf to all the players :)
and GL mpg
Snoop FTW! Ich hoffe du OWNST die EGo Idioten radikal! <3
will not fail
gl hazer
gl impact
gl butchji
gl impact.

butchjii is dancing tonight ^^
omg @ time
You have € 40 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 99.6 gogogogogog
gege @ yermish football-lovers.
this time sucks!!
go Impact :)
You have 993 on pro
Possible win: 1678.17
GL MPG !!!!!!!!!
i dont think impact has any chance, but lets see.
seriously, who will watch this instead of germany vs portugal?
guten gluck zu beide, geht zu sein ein guten spiel
You have € 294 on de pro Cancel bet
Possible win: € 458.64 easy money ...
nice game while ger plays vs por
Brain - mPg
Heart - 'i
So money on mPg :P
ye ye too bad ET != getting girlfriend :DD
Go mpg :)
gl Impact.
no drago, no win. ezbash4impact
and yermans isnt interested to watch their own country football match vs portugal? olol
Der Scheiß wird doch eh nicht gespielt :<
lol ja, das Ist einige was wahr :P
plz... mpg or impact, if you can, use wildcard :<

postpone until july? <---use thiz m8 Oo and u dont have any trouble to watch Euro 2008, of course itz not Fair to force these two Teams to play today while Germany is playing football! But its ET so i dont have any questions about retarded behaviour or decisions, for instance: banned players (@CB) are allowed to play ESL, hater Channels on IRC to ban players and so on --->now these are the things who make me lol! But anyway it is always Fun to play these awesome FPS!!!!!!!!
ach mpg weiß wie man aufdreht ;)

mpg gl
np 4 butchjis hax xDDD
You have € 45 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 137.25
hf missing germany-portugal :D
hf missing the football game butchji
You need to do it fast for the footballmatch :)
c mon

u can make it
impact are playing at 19.00 then this match at 20.00 ???????
All in on impact. Good night ET.
fuck footballl ... football is shit .. punch of idiots running around chasing a ball ... ET is more important :DDD ...

goodluck metroboy
first: you dont play
second: why would u wish luck to yourself?
can i play? :D
Then give me a definition of your style/clothes:(
I feel sorry for the yermans:|
What is the prize?
wEAK + butchji > impact
Are these guys any good?
<Stormiam`> [20:51] <toxicccccccc> need a merc for a slightly important game // last resort!

You have 4720 on pro
Possible win: 7127.2

my money ??

2:0 imp....
score ?
2:0 impact
4-0 impact first set so will there be a new bet ? plz :DDD COME ONE MAKE A NEW BET !!!
bylem kurwa pierwszy na GTV :) :D:D:D:D:D:D narazie koncze z tym kurwa XD
3:0 impact
nice i lost all my money:<
my money :x

FF should have played in final, fuck you CB.
who is playing for impact?
drago, snoop, reload, winghaven, toxic, mztik
tox, reload, wing, drago, snoop and Mztik
damn so retarded
1 min before match i changed bet :<
q diantres aces jugando tioo xD
3:0 Impact 1st match

Now 2nd Match
2-0 impact in the 2nd match
Nice singing Toss.
4:0 impaact
wp butchji and mztik
4-0 impact
n1 play
sNo0p > all!
impact won
8:0 :) wp impact
You have 2262 on pro
You lost

OMG 8-0 FU!!!

hahahaha xDD
what's so funny? from 3rd place to 2735? XDDD
u r so fucking idiot ... impact = idlee = teamplay = unbeatable team since 2006
so? mpg was owning all the time @ this EC -.- and 2006 was 2 years ago
u r so fucking idiot, only one of the people who played for impact has been in idle.

the official lineup and the one that played were very different
8:0 impact :DDDDDD
impact win better hax -.-

snoop rly haxxor

0-8 ...
Toxic @ clutch.
nice toxicccccccccc ;);)
wierd game.

You have € 88 on de pro
You lost
HAHA You have € 45 on gb Impact
You won € 134.1
boring match
Toll mpg verloren und dann nichtmal das deutschlandspiel sehen können :(
Darum gibts ETTV-Replay.
loosers won ?
You have € 10 on gb Impact
You won € 29.8

izi money :XD
8-0 xDDDD
wow, unexpected and sad for mpg, but impact simply smashed them on every simgle map. gratz impact and hope you guyz will act like best W:ET players and stay "active" :P wp mpg gl in ESL Major Series 2
rofl losers won
wow raped tbh
You have € 161 on gb Impact
You won € 479.78

have to watch this match, congratz impact
You have € 272 on Impact
You won € 810.56

You have € 27 on de pro
You lost
ty for money impact :D
You won € 321.84. <3 ET Mafia
Thx 4 money

You have € 19 on gb Impact
You won € 56.62
2 matches for EC final
impact came from losers bracket , need to win twice.
too bad this is in the exams, i wanted to see it :'<
You have € 250 on de pro
You lost damn...
nice game imp. was expecting a lot more from mpg though.

You have € 3000 on gb Impact
You won € 8940
gtfo lowbirds :DDD
but portugal played better
lol sure
in your dreams
btw ballack only score cause he pushed p.ferreira but ok
better? paulo ferreira and ricardo screwd portugal...

a shame i must say...
0-8 !? :O
2 x best of 3. impact was in losers bracket so they had to win twice.
2 matches played in a row
reload fucking great player
You have € 387 on gb Impact
You won € 1153.26
izi money

You have € 500 on gb Impact
You won € 1490
omg omg mpg get raped by impact :p

no maus no win
it seems that you are absolutley right ;)
FF won EC =)
no FF = last position, worse then some low- clan
go back to your girlfriend's plz
oh for fuck sake
wtf ?! 0:8 :o
says who? wiaderko - newtalent?
I LOST ALL MY MONEY! Yeeeeeeeahaaaaaaa!
thx for the money.
shit, my money :(
8 : 0 :x)
onegame , sa oled kukk , mesqi ei m2nginud
oh noez !! fuck you butchji^^
gz impact ;D thx for money
No i mPG w końcu przegrało :>
butchji played w/o aimbot or why mPG lost`?
1st option. He was kinda bad comparing to snoop,mztik, drago etc.
Sorry mister but I've never aimed better in my life. I just suck in general then compared to these players.
though he had the highest dmg half the time.
You can't judge aiming via dmg tho. If you backrape all the time and take profit out of your superior team it doesn't mean you aim very well.
Yes, coz u wer backraping all the time when i watched. x.x
I was backraped or I was backraping?
You charged head on and aimed well. ;)
I've never seen better aiming in a match than what butchji did, impact were just a bit stronger team-wise on the day....

nP for me, I won 16000 :D
FF win YEAH :))))))))))))))))
impact played way better than against ff. if they played like that, no ban would be needed tbh