Japan vs Belgium (15184 views)

Not Announced
be lio
be acid
be vila
be Kevin
be mAus
be jetro
24.08.08 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire Nationscup
Hosting: Crossfire.nu
Manager: Anaconda (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 76854
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Enemy Territory TV
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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 450


woohoo 1st GOGO BEL!!!!!
gl jp pROLLSTONE ftw :)
3rd :)
You have € 100 on be BEL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 315
gl jp, nice game tonight :)))..dont forget our shoutouts .......
gl japan!
gl japan
japan server !
bel 4 sure
GL Japan :D
gl to japan altho belgium is gonna take this one :<
gl japan!
gl lio!
its a japan server so japan win!
Be fo sure :)
np 4 mAus
izi for be mAus
mAus omg mAus
no mesq no mAx no shewie no ganon no win.
they all stopped except Ganon who is playing j4f..
Ganon still plays ?
"they all stopped except Ganon who is playing j4f.."

he is playing some mix for fun sometimes. Nothing more, with jeje and mika and some other guys
Non, il joue jamais avec nous, il a une copine maintenant.
ah bon ? :o J'étais pas au courant.
haben lol.

tu deviens quoi toi jeune ami :( ?
Je suis en seconde sess' :( Il me reste 5 exams.. Faut croiser les doigts.
Diiis, j'ai vu sur le profil d'un mec que tu étais chez les DT pr la frenchlan ? info ou intox? :o
Je compte aller à la prochaine frenchlan, oui. J'attends encore les confirmations de mes parents :).
Nice ! On va surement pouvoir voir ta petite bouille alors <3
il joue de temps en temps aussi Shewie:O
07.05 20:00 Belgium 1.72 vs. 2.38 Norway 90 € on BEL Won 155€
09.03 21:00 Belgium 1.84 vs. 2.19 Sweden 20 € on SWE Lost
20.02 21:00 Norway 2.94 vs. 1.52 Belgium 30 € on BEL Won 46€
12.05 19:00 Sweden 1.20 vs. 5.93 Belgium 100 € on BEL Lost
02.06 22:00 overload 1.16 vs. 7.26 Authentic Gaming 200 € on ovr Won 232€
22.04 21:00 overload 3.35 vs. 1.43 kirwa kirwanderin kirwurit 40 € on Kirwa Lost

Nice bets you place then
Just because you've won those doesn't mean you'll win these.
If i see what origin you're from i comprehend your foolishness
I should be the one saying thay.
I'm sorry , i'm not harmed by comments from nonames
Oh no! You almost got me there! Keep trying.. I'll care some day.
I don't want to "get" you , i think no one does , must be hard to find a girl
No not really actually. Must be hard for you though, since you're always hanging out with your computer
I'm only hanging out on my computer to entertain fools who actually watch this like you do , who's the most sad one you think? :D:D
You've obviously got no life if you hang out on your computer entertaining "fools". So yea, you're the sad one.
Learn to understand , try read it again idiot
you were noname also, some years ago. And yes, team be of today sucks hard.
any comment now? retard
lol, your comment seems a bit arrogant. Has he hit your ego ?
These people with their idiotic fanboying of players that quit 2 years ago is annoying me
mmh.. Shewie and others are great players. That's pity they quitted ET.
mika didnt stop ET and he still great.
xAv prétend même qu'il a un niveau bien supérieur à tous ceux de la team be :DDD
Oh mais ça m'étonnerait pas hein, mika c'est une bonne grosse brute :).
Ca s'est bien vu à la Frenchlan I que c'était un des seuls ac xAv à tjrs avoir son vrai niveau. Par rapport à Ganon qui avait qd même perdu.
Bah même quand il joue avec nous le soir il met des sale trucs hein, honnêtement il a largement le niveau pour reprendre la team be, mais je pense pas que ça lui intéresse grandement.
Je pense pas non plus, xAv lui avait proposé la team wallonie pour le fun, il avait refusé.. Disant que ce genre de compétition ne l'attirait plus :<
Yep, here's my comment. I hope you're happy about it.

vila Saturday, 23rd August 2008 20:06
I'm sorry , i'm not harmed by comments from nonames

Seem like you still cry allot. But I'm sure it's not a problem for such a namer.
fucknaab ,try to get some skill , maybe you'll play on this level once.
Oh, but I sure do hope I will be as good as you. So that I could whine everyone to death just like you.
Ah ah :XD
I spend my hours playing the game, you spend your hours watching me play the game , have fun jerking of on me
Actually, I haven't even watched the game. But I'm sure it turns you on just by the idea someone has been wanking off on you.
Your excuse failed , but that's no surprise since you are a fail in total
tis nen ollander é wuk wildje
It's not an excuse, it's a fact. But since your little belgian brains can't figure out that you're a total dumbass I'll stop responding to you.
Look at your first comment , look at what happened, it's about time you'd shut the fuck up
Lio + mAus = magic

now Tosspot and everything is perfect :D
go japan !
gl Finest :D
OMG mAus OMG <3
gl lio :)
<3 lio
belgium lineup is good this year, belgium will take it 4 sure, ez bash gl Kevin lio mAus vila jetro acid :)
ja hijs ook heel erg veranderd ten opzigte van verleden jaar idd
Idioot :D

Maar je hebt wel gelijk.
sounds funny
izi for BEL
mAus finally accepted to play with anti3 :) ?
he already did previous match?
japs! <3
gl japan
dAv1d :<

moet i weer werken!?
gl both
gl lio
gl maus u need this hf japan:]
i hope japan ! GOGOGO
MIRUKU (magic rifle) and GABRIEL will take it :) GL&HF
mAus <3
japan ftw!
kzal is gaan fanboye zekers
Gl jp
<o/ mAus vs Japan
You have € 675 on jp JPN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 6115.5
nice same time as FIN VS CZE
gl kevin mAus lio
jetro & Kevin = highskilled whiners nothing more ;)
Ooooww, I get it, and you are skilled, right? (In case u didn't notice, this is irony)
gl mAus lio

You have € 50 on jp JPN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 393

hf kv
Go laggers!
You have € 191 on jp JPN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1356.1
gl hf :D
Crushing lineups.
You have € 121 on jp JPN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 847
go japan go go go!!
gl kevin & jetro :D
Kmaan 'Herre' en goan !! xD
You have € 22 on jp JPN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 148.28
gl Be
gl jp
Go Japan !
gl BE
gl jp
You'd better win jp bitches, this otaku is in your back.
dunno why but my feelings just tell me that you love asian porn...
his brother likes it :o
steve or smth playing
gl rollstone
american server location, so 4-0 japan
gambare nipon guys :D
banzai D:
2:0 For be after both nations picked same map goldrush

it explains the cointoss :)
Anyway if they win it, there is one map left.
thats actually smart from them
what happened to ettv after gr?
well played be, only retarded attitude...

Kirark <3
gg wp Bel, a bit of whine but Gabriel killing Kevin on goldrush while turning round the corner was a little fishy? idk
I found that fishy yes, and half of the et-scene calls me a retard for thinking this was fishy .. it's only an opinion :(

-Kevin grtz
Lol that's called common sense. All Kevin did for like 3 mins was backrage from the same spot. It would be pretty retarded if nobody checked it and all of them got backraged AGAIN for the 2nd/3d time in a row.
well he was mostly putting down arty in that spot and he got a bunch of artillery kills like that
omg gabriel omg
Gabriel hax ?
nope, bel is just whining, like always
cant blame em, look at the connection of the other countrys; shit imo
lololol NERDs