Germany vs Belgium (25917 views)

de sNoOp
de butchji
de haZer
de wEAK
de phate
de duKe_
be acid
be mAus
be lio
be Kevin
be jetro
be vila
31.08.08 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire Nationscup
Manager: Anaconda (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 177675
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Total Slots: 400
Listener Peak: 59

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 1,083


w00t 1st !!!!!!!!! GOGO BEL !!
damn I fail :<
OMFG gogogo butchji gl mAus :)!
gL beglium
hmm hacker vs. hacker :)
who cheats in belgium and wasnt this game supposed to be using anti3 or smth but i've not heard anything about it or was that final only?!
deutschland vs mAus egal
final, or .. ?
gl be
nice one!!!

dav1d isnt playing?
that match will be great!
Germany needs the strongest available lineup (snoop, weak, butchji, hazer, phate, fireball) in order to stand a chance.
drop phate add ramin/drago
phate is not going to like hearing that :) apropos, he is not even listed in the lineup : <
drago doesn't play anymore.
ger > bel :)
gl germany
gl bel!
Germany for sure !
bel > ger :)

omg mAus omg gl ger and be
GOGOOGO Germany dedededededededede
drago playing?
lal, be is gonna win this:) gl eh mannen , toon die duitsers is wa skill is ^^ :D
ziet dage wint eh of kzen men geld trg kwijt XD
gl be
np phate no win
think hes inactive atm.
hes active but hes got to work sunday :<
gl snoop & weak

best match of this NC. gl bebe
gl Tim <3
Goodluck duKe_ <3

And Fireball and Kevin:D!
kuraigu, drago, fireBall & RamiN won't play.
then who will?..
phate snoop hazer weak duke me
ok, looks like a good lineup, lets hope u guys make the match more interesting than japan did :) gl & hf, still think be will take it tho^^
duke?! plz...
iksdeh, duke is better than u so silence or i kill u
duke is pretty good

he is playing this game with his brain

others are mostly aim only
wheres tosspot when you need him =(
somewhere on this planet obviously.. but yeh, i want tosspot ^^
same no tosspot no win!
ger >< be
be > ger

Flip is een hoer !</3
gl Germany! snoop ftw <3 !
gl GER <3 haZer
izi for GER.
np 4 butchji & sNoOp
butchji vs maus ... nice ,
where is keran?
duke from helix or another random ?
gl duke
best part in this match vila's comment =)
I will try my best not to dissapoint you !
Yep indeed, waiting for "unhittable cunt", "you suck i'm the best", "sure lowtard", "If u bash us then u're cheating fuckers", "Im am vila the king of Belgium", and so on
nah , i have better ones
gl/hf duke ,snoop und co
GL both
You have € 1206 on be BEL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 3786.84
butchji vs mAus 0_o
will be a nice match :)
Good luck Germany and Belgian >)
we all care about yall! GL!

nas - the flyest
gl both
Crushing lineups.
You have € 630 on BEL
Possible win: € 1764
gl GER <333333333333
ger > bel :)
gl bel.. mAus vs butchji
gl bel !
Will be a great match... Go Bel ;D
gl ger give ur best :)
gonna be a close game
gl manne
Omg I want a English radio -.- :'(
so izi for Germany!
any chance of an english cast ? =s
english shoutcast PLZ!!

Deutschland <3
woot game of the cup.

GL both teams.

Gl Be :)

go0 go0gog0og0gog0go0gog0go hf both
2 easy for germany
gimme gimme money bel
gl ger =]
easy 4 ger-no david no win... maus cant do all alone :P
o_O spanish,portuguese and czech shoutcast for germany vs belgium gg
problem? you can cast in german, wanna join? PM!
You have € 8500 on de GER Cancel bet
Possible win: € 14110


right?! :X
cmon start already
gl duke :)
En de belgen ofc, behalve potentiële egotrippers
Gl be
You have € 50 on BEL
Possible win: € 156.5

gl be ofc
Gl both
GL be but u need a pwoning rifler like hazer and butchji > maus. GL kevin and lio and jetro

good luck dukeee :)
Wir kommen zuruck, aber mitt nicht zo fielen :)

Gogogo bierslette,saflette geve !!!!
BE must win if not im loosing €150...
You have € 194 on BEL
Possible win: € 609.16

gl mAus, lio !
score pls?

duKe ftw :)
GEr vs BEl and radio is Spanish, Portugese and Czech =)
You have € 459 on be BEL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1418.31
maus > bitchji
but GER got hazer rifle, maus alone will not do
bel , my money on you
Yes anaconda playing <3
Jetro can't play???
That would be better for the team honestly.
Not if Anaconda is his replacement^^
xAv would be his back I guess.
I could only agree !
izi 4 BEL <3
omg mAus omg
make me rich bel :P
pff bat lineup from be :)
Which players do you expect than?
-jetro + xAv
Otherwise, good LU imo
xav.. haha :DDDDDDDD
jetro is a random, he still got some aimskillz. He forgot his brain in his mum's belly I guess, just look the game of East belgium against West beglium, he was whining cuz mAx killed him. mAx at this time didnt play for months :))

- vila, + xAv.
I don't get why you're laughing. xAv is a really good player with A BRAIN, not like jetro as KaZe said.
Kill the Batman!
You have € 27 on be BEL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 82.35
Go Germany! :)
( de duke_ \o )
lol for the go prob :XD
gl BEL
gl snoop & duke
Win please , else u'll owe me 20€.
hey good luck weak! weak player for germany!
GLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL duKe_ <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
n1 game
gonna be very nice match!
gl hazer & phate wünscht euch reaz von #Schlingel-gaming we schlingel us through everything.
:DDDD du Schlingelchen!
<3 hau den mAus weg, viele sagen das is das duell zwischen mAus und butchji, dass is aber totaler quatsch, weil du einfach besser wie butch bis also das duell zwischen phate und mAus.
tjo, als #Schlingel-Gaming Member ist man grundsätzlich besser als alle anderen :P
omg waht amatch and i dont can see it wtf shit pc-.-
You have € 100 on be BEL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 298
all in :D
gl .be
deButchji vs mAusbe match of this NC. gl
jetro will fail

belgien to win
mAus vs Butchji
thats naiss
belgien will win the nationscup
gl hazer,phate wünscht euch tALii von #Schlingel-gaming we schlingel us through everything.

hf duke und reZt loWL
gl belgium!
maybe start some day?
Alles geven jumperkes.
gl butchji.
Good luck and have fun, sNoOp, butchji, haZer, wEAK, phate, duKe_
gl both teams .....
GL BELGIUM ; Jetro schiet die kapot =O
all my money on Germany :D 15 EUR :D
today is this day;) hope great match!:P hf mAus=>
3 shoutcast n1, GL Germany
we want an english shoutcast please.
here comes ur job !
gl germany.,
I had to post for this epic match XD, also im waking up early to watch it so dont dissapoint! GL HF
mexico, lol :d
what? we have et too, but I sleep all day in sundays :XD
we are sorry for you :(
Dont be, your team made me win e-moneyz :XD
gl overload!
tosspot or et is dead
tosspot or et is dead
Deutschland ftw! gogog GER ^^
English radio for fuck sake.
Belgium = selfish arrogant whiners, so gl&hf Germany

Oh and Toss is moving or smthg so he won't cast
You have € 50 on de GER Cancel bet
Possible win: € 84

easy money
Gl be, en goan herre :DD
gl acid
hf mAus <3
gl bel
GL BEL !!!!
no drago - no win
I want japanese radio commentary!
where is keran?!
why no english shoutcast :(
only spanish, czech and portugease... sux hard!
1485 slots , ET IS BACK ALIVE!
you should watch the viewer peak and conclude if ET is back or not =)
you should check viewer peak of last NC final and conclude if ET died so it could be back alive
jetro out pls
gl duke =P

But ET badly needs an english shoutcaster ffs!
U need drago !
gl maus :D
You have € 100 on be BEL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 246

GL bel :D
gl germany and mAus.
GL Belgium ! !
gl be
GL vila & lio :)
<33333333333333333 ET
GL Manne ! :D
gl both! care bout who loose, i love both teams :DDD

You have € 10 on be BEL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 25.4
GL BOth teams
We want Tosspot!! :<
You have € 250 on de GER Cancel bet
Possible win: € 412.5

duke snoop butchjii und co. lasst mich net in stich

hab sonst nix mehr ^^

auser 5 €
We want Tosspot!! :<
HUPPAKEE moffen in de vuilbakkkkkkk
gl GER! where the hell's toss

waiting to see duKe_ in action !!
very cool be lineup, go be!:)
You have € 90 on de GER Cancel bet
Possible win: € 149.4

gl duke
gl GER
gl phate
gl maus
~30 min.:P
Total Slots: 1,910
no english radio =[ =[ =[
weer iis toosspoot?
gl Jetro <3<3
hazer love
oh shit, forgot to bet on bel
sorry for the delay should start any second now
it's like final...

if ger win, ger is 1st

if bel win, ger is 1st
so if ger loose ger wins? O_O
btw finland is strong too
my own ETTV full so i must watch replay :(
or you just watch it on another ettv...
BE 2:0 , won de's map


gog0 ger ^_^
will be a decider :O omg omg omg :D
score ????!
whats the score pls?
4-2 de
4:2 for BE imo :P
Possible win: € 13.25 :XD
4:0 FOR BE

wahahaha :D
4-0 be
wp >.<
You have € 2252 on de GER
haha, <3 Bel
bel owns
4-0 to BE
Nice ego quit snoop ... 4/0 nice BE

You have € 250 on BEL
You won € 662.5

np xD
wp bel
You have € 4440 on de GER
You lost
You have € 3000 on de GER
You lost
nice Ger.. we lost our money.. now u cant win champ :XDDD Fin takes it !!
You have € 119 on be BEL
You won € 315.35
ggs :D <3
You have € 250 on be BEL
You won € 662.5 nice egoguit snoop :DDDDD little kid!
thx for money belgia :*
22 € on be BEL Won 58€
You and maus going at it xDDD
nice belgium :o)
You have € 48 on be BEL
You won € 127.2
omg.... thx
zLOL!! nice bel;D
et Today 21:00 Germany de 1.61 vs. 2.65 be Belgium 5 € on be BEL Won 13€
You have € 624 on be BEL
You won € 1653.6

yeeee hitlers got pwned
shut the fuck up, polish idiot
There's nothing more intelligent in the world than a polish preteen.
do not blame whole nation though :-)
ur the only not retarded polak tho
partly because im not really polak :D
arrogant yerman babies sure aint one.
at least, your gbooky is increased aigan!
Smart comment men, respect.
expected :-)
Was expected, Germany played with mixteam.
1 replacement and it's suddenly a mixteam?
I mean they had to change their line up every match. I didnt say if they play with their main team then they would won this match.

+ WP Belgium, deserved
Always some excuse, they had one replacement.

Just give in to the belgian domination.
*with shit mixteam
thats great ggggggz
thx for money bel! :)
You have € 20 on BEL
You won € 53

thanx ^-^.

I feel kinda sad for Ger though
hehe ... thanks, dude. that's fair play ; )
as I thought ...
btw Viewer Peak: 1,083 ET IS DEAD
viewer peak is skyrocking
You have € 4000 on be BEL
You won € 12032.32
et Today 21:00 Germany de 1.61 vs. 2.65 be Belgium 16 € on be BEL Won 42€

What a dumbass lolol
Lol nice ;p
You have € 170 on de GER
You lost
shockin match -_-
epic fail...
dont even understand the guys who even considered making a bet on GER :'O
because they saw GERMANY not their lineup :)
fucking agree man :)
Easy money : )
You have € 20 on be BEL
You won € 53

yeah team flanders did it
wp vila rly nice rifle
wp, too easy for BEL imo. vila great rifle stuff indeed
yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuu :D
You have € 15 on be BEL
You won € 39.75
wp bel ^^
You have € 20 on be BEL
You won € 53

btw Viewer Peak: 1,083 - yea W:ET IS ALIVE!
worst ger lup ever :(
like it would make a difference with other players. WP BE
wp be, bb et.
You have € 100 on be BEL
You won € 265

Thank you Belgium!
Easy money.
mAus + Lio > Butchji
You have € 126 on BEL
You won € 333.9
fuckin tits
gg belgium
You have € 75 on be BEL
You won € 198.75
more suxx for butchjis mate ::(((((
lost my money :x
You have € 500 on de GER
You lost
You have € 600 on BEL
You won € 1590
You have € 52 on be BEL
You won € 137.8
You have € 50 on be BEL
You won € 132.5
You have € 50 on be BEL
You won € 132.5
:p me too gg les voisins BE
Cheaters always wins
buhahah new it ;p
gr8 Vila & mAus !!
who are u? mAus wnb?
izi €€€€€€€ ...... nice vaseline
Total Pot: € 177675 success
You have € 2500 on be BEL
You won € 6625

fuck off ger :<
my money :<<
Fail :<

You have € 155 on de GER
You lost
nobody will beat belgium if they keep playing as a team like they did versus germany
Poland beat ofc essAh ^^
You have € 60 on GER
You lost
Shade Deutschland alles ist forbei.
lol team :P
You have € 54 on de GER
You lost :(
You have € 29 on be BEL
You won € 76.85
:) na wenn das nix war x)