version 2 released! (1498874 Views)

written by de skooli on 06.01.08 13:58


its sexy
nice job
its very nice but QW sux :/
Agreed 100%
yeah let's just keep remaking rtwc with new graphics every 2 years! -_-

Site looks sexeh
pretty sick !
nice !
gtv2 on ownage!
Love you guys <3 :D

Thanks to all involved, arni , skooli, fag writers ( andy :D ) , debuggers ( ng, me, andy, h3ll, ... :d )
n1 :=)
rofl this site looks nice
Looks co0l
nice :)
nice nice =D
Flags are bugged :D some flags
Good job guys.. The only bad thing is that I lost all my gbooky money :'(
Really nice :D

Only I noticed 1 thing, some of the flags haven't been changed yet ^^
+ the banner seems a bit out of relation, but other than that,

the flags are just your browser cache ;)
empty it and itll be fine
Aha, fixed, thanks lad <3
lajpo gej
nice design ;)
sexy page nice job ;)
damn my money :'(
but the desing is ok except the banner. The banner is ugly :S
very nice (: great job arni & skooli
nice :)
Nice, but you should change that shit ET:QW pic @ the top. Looks pretty ugly.
Well, it's not explicitly ugly, it just needs some blending, be moved to the left, and eventually maybe even some addition of a background or something like that :)
nice :)
Nice job!
good job :P
<3 great work
Just in time for ETQW 1.4 :D <3

Looks great.
meny wasnt nice at all, rest is ok, i guess...
Why money reset? ;((((
Because some had 999999999k, while others had 10.
Great job. :)
Must've taken ages, but now you're done!
You should be proud. :D
I prefer the old one

I hate those ugly black on white themes, and especialy the ETQW banner

all sites just look the same these days, no creative designers any more just copy/pasters
This > the old.
not realy imo

if I take a look on this site now the only thing I see a boxes, just seperated boxes could have been much better if the boxes where attached to each other with some nice skin not just black for the title box and white for the rest of the site

but thats just my opinion, I just hate it that all "new" sites look almost the same and simplistic
No one forces you to visit them.
you dont have adblock installed and enabled for this site right ? :x
ofc I have adblock enabled, don't wanna waste any time loading google ads or smth.

and like I'm going to click the ads if I don't like the apperience of the website :P
OMG WTF GREAT JOB ADMINS ITS SO SEXY !! Except the QW shitty thing in the head of the page.
plz the old style....this........................
n1 looks awesome nice job
Are you going to change flags aswell? Because I see some different kind of flags for the UK and for Germany aswell.
control + F5
Alright, well done. Or did you got it from some other website?
clean your cache... they're all updated
wow O_O
it looks cool <3 nice job
cool it's great !!! :D like the new layout :D good job ! =)
I love it!
need to be said, fucking nice
Looks absolutely fantastic, was worth the waiting!
awesome job!
I agree to all the others :)

(If it's a good reply)
you desirved that cookie arni, enjoy! ;>
Great job guys
Really great!
looks pro, just wtf with the etqw?

and money reset :<
OMFG make ET Header QW SUX!!
nice gemacht :)

ETQW sucks anyway :D
maybe if u make a "donate" button u'll get rich (with all these ultrapositive comments...)
i doubt that this community is that generous :p
you looked that word up, admit it
ye ok you got me there! :DDDDDDDDDDD
n1 !!!
OMG were is my money? =O
sexy with ugly banner
omg so nice
Gr8 xD need money :'(
looks cool but it needs ET banner instead of ETQW :(
Wonderful !

eT > qW :<
but the site looks nice =)
the flags :< uglyyyyy :<<<<<
Bug: while viewing player rankings on different pages on... only displays the ranking for that specific page. For example, the best player on page 2 would really be 51st, but he shows up to be first. Dunno if it has something to do with the fact that everyone has exactly the same amount of money right now...
Will probably have to do with that, only one way to find out ;-)
How do you get to the gbooky rankings?

Nvm found it already.
that is true. good thing i fixed it :)
Well done!

Just one small thing; If you want to copi the Button links you can't use the right click on your mouse, atleast I can't copi it with right mouse only with ctrl+v
n1, except the et:qw banner ofc
"GBooky will only allow you to bet a maximum of 50% of your current pot at any one time."
Then why can I bet all my 50€?
we changed that in gtv2. You can now bet all your money
The faq's are still being worked on
Alright nice, so what happens when you get to 0? :)
we also changed that: everybody who is below 100€ (capital) gets 5€/day.
Sounds good!
Any possibility to add a option to choose between these new flags, and the old more boxy ones. Since they were more clear and better overall :)
not rly, sorry
user's navigation - the flag in this headline is little too low, in opera at least :)
good idea :P
I like it :)
wee ! awesome, GJ !!!!
me not liking
my eyes hurting
and remove dis estonian flag..i dont like it :<
very nice but please put the QW pic away and add, another pic for example sth. where you can see a mix from et; QW and COD4
good job
but why banner with QW theme?
and give me back my money :,(
there was a vote some time ago about resetting money
oh, ok
andy why someone have old type of flags and someone the new type?
on private channel they say u have to do control + f5 and its fixed
yes, its working, thx m8
nice looks good :DD
nice, good job !!!
Good work! <3
rly nice!
good job : )
Great job guys!

Keep up the good work!
Very nice design!
good job, just two things:
the banner is ugly. i rly dunt care if it's qw/w:et/q3/cs/... banner, but it's ugly.
and the another thing is that theme looks like xfire4 :\. do we need more xfire sites?

blah, listing in blogs probebly doeznt work :S
we had that "theme" before crossfire acutally, they just releast (a tiny bit) faster
Very Nice Job !!
rly naiss ;)
great job arni skooli ng andy ana hell and anybody get involved with it, n1 website
Very Nice Job
good work :).
Very nice, great job!
well done i <3 it
-change the etqw theme photo to the old classic ET photo
-bb our money
greetz to all etqw-banner-hater

THX <3 <3<3<3<3<3

U have to admit that its soooooooo much better (and more beautiful too).

BTW why has the little listbox that allowed to chose the person we were answering to (while editing a msg) disappeared ?
nice... respect!

btw: "Connect with HLSW" owned. perfect feature, thx.
its the small things that make it nice :D
But GBooky rankings have been removed too ??
Aww yeah thx im still a bit confused with all that new stuff
It doesn't work with XFire (at least for me), do I have to configure something or..?
Same here, 'Connect with ASE' does strictly nothing.
what has changed in gbooky system execpt the money restart....
gj guys
Id change the first letters of each box to a capital letter, and increase recent comments and recent matches, but really nice!
you can edit recent matches and comments in your settings
ah didn't no that thx Mr.G
hopefully they wont make it :)
looks very good, gj :D
100 time better than old 1
looks nice but kinda bubly :p

lol @ gbooky reset :)
everything nice now... but please give me back my gbooky money ;-(((((((
well done guys!
ET banner look likes great now
its nice ! ye great banner now
Looks great, only thing I'm missing is "Language" for the shoutcasts.
Good Job :) rly nice work :)
-you cant no arrange the Gbooky table by column (e.g. by bet, by money...)
that has been brought up before and will be implemented soon
*done* :o)
Nice work guys :)
But plz no QW :P
very nice! great job guyz <3
Where has the Poll of the Week gone?

If it were to be reinstalled, I'd suggest you put the vote at the end of the week, which games were the best to watch after the week has past, so that people who didn't watch them all, could actually be invited to watch those matches appointed by the community which were the best of the week.

Also a history of the polls of the weeks could be handy for people who would like to check a few weeks back, and determine whether a match was worth seeing or not.

Perhaps this could even be expanded to Match of the Month, or Player of the Month, or Action of the Month :D
So many ideas and possibilities, I think worth considering. :)

Furthermore, the What's hot box has a kinda strange behaviour when you rollover the pending matches.
Perhaps an AJAX info-box next to the pointer when you rollover would have been a better choice.

And lastly, in gtv1 when you had replies to comments, they were all shown in the upper left corner, but when clicked on 1 of them, the next pageload would just not show the others anymore. Is this solved or still due to examination?

In any case, great job on gtv2. It's a big step forward and the system for adding matches and so forth is quite unique.
Don't know if you already know this, but when looking at the news page ( you can't view any pages other than page 1. The url changes, but the news items are still the same as Page 1