sublime vs asd. (15418 views)

gb Hype
gb crmbs
gb tyyrd
nl OV!E
de reaz
ca anim
gb Baggiez
se sAvage
se slajdan
fr StrAf
nl overboost
be isEN
pl errol
27.09.09 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XX
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: essAh (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 90389
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
de [] - Shoutcast Server
By: TosspoT
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Language: English
gb QuadV Audio
By: TosspoT
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Language: English

Total Slots: 2,000
Listener Peak: 257

Enemy Territory TV
de [] - ETTV 1
By: sHiZo (ettvd)
de ## -HoheLuft- ## | ETTV #3
By: Saeufer (ettvd)
de #andyF1 ettv Server 1
By: andyF1 (ettvd)
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)
de Ana's ETTV #1
By: w0nd3r (ettvd)
fr #Gamerz-Connexion TV I
By: dr4g (ettvd)
gb ETTV UK #Msh100 3
By: msh100 (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 389


gl slajdan !
gl hype , mixer, tyyrd ;)
gl asd! :)
gL sub <3
overboost ;o

gl hype :)
gl savage, errol, ez bash
inb4 realize
Radio Commentary
gb QuadV Audio
By: TosspoT Listen to TosspoT
Language: English


Total Slots: 1,000
gl hype miXer tyyrd slajdan errol
go baggiez !:o
gl nigger
gl tyyrd, anim
easy for sublime
hackfest, gl savage & sublime =)
gl crmbs overboost tyyrd :)
gl brenda the animal and savage =)

EDIT: Straf tu suce :P bonne chance espece d'eng de mes deux
gl mixer
gl haip
..finally <3
gl anim :)

get aids hype PLZ
hype vs baggiez + tosspot shoutcasting. gonna be fuckin mental :p
gl overboost slajdan straf & sublime <3
tosspot shoutcasting reaz :) n1
gl dominator xD
Tosspot shoutcasting a match with hype in it?

Apparantly hell has frozen over.
fuck me i was thinking be good thing to see hype vs baggiez but just seen the lineup for asd. Will be a hard game for hype to pull through in especially with players such as overboost straf savage slajdan all top skilled players... Good game to watch hopfully ill be working but will look after :D
gl ovie, over and isen
gl anim
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail

miXer>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ovie
OMG is tosspot
your movie sucks HYPE!!!!
gl sub <3
and isen <3
good luck reaz and anim :-*
gl all my mates on both teams and hype :D
asd set times against us with respectable holds
sublime ragequit during first round

know where my money is
we raped them in spawn... u r going to be fucked
Lol and what does his brother have to do with him making you guys ragequit? :p
you are right
gl hype crmbs anim tyyrd

aint gonna be easy tho tbh
sublime set times against us with respectable holds
asd have never played us

know where my money is

We were playing his team on supply and then some guys joined and crashed the server and apparently we ego quitted? :_D
yeah yeah, bla bla . remember my fokkin shoutout you tart....

and only a 1000 slots for toss's shoutcast? wont be enough.....
will be a close match, but i think sublime will take it
NO tend to have a bad taste these days:C
gl tosspot
gl asd (specially baggiez), crumbs tyyrd and anim

Money on asd.
when it comes down to "big games", hype fails.

should be interesting to watch though.
Baggiez you spastic you going to cc7 bud? If you dont i wont back up on this!
asd set a time against us of 12 minutes vs a med clan
sublime have never played us

know where my money is
gl :d

svenska pretty boys ftw
Love you straf
go straf :)
gl errol
need paki flag @ hype

gl @ everyone that remember me in these lineups
GL StrAf
easy for asd.
the german will take it, soz.
dawaj errol :)
gl sublime (especially reaz) :) and gl errol <3
gl straf
gl errol
gl tosspot
gl haip (:
gl sAv, slj x]
Skiezo !
add it as matchinfo? :o
Wrong way around :o ?
gl ovie, and StrAf my love.
good luck swedes ;)
WHY NOT 3 STARS??????????
trust you hype
gl darkthur
Barry good luck all money on you bud.
ezi 4 OV!E and hype
You have € 142 on asd.
Possible win: € 320.92
im tight i had :D
You have € 20 on asd.
You won € 41.4
izi 4 ijsje

gl ovie
gl ijsje & co
Tbh this match needs more slots, other ec matches with less attention got 550 viewers ^^
It's on quadv also
that is radio-audio only though :0
baggiez will fail!
You have € 100 on eu asd. Cancel bet
Possible win: € 222

still, gl cabrincess and ovie ; )

Gl StrAf
gl overboost and savage
You have € 23 on asd.
Possible win: € 50.6

anim promised he'd lose for me
this hype vs baggiez, is getting a bit overhyped
no its not. Its entertaining. this is the most interesting game of ET in recent months, and its only because of the rivalry that TosspoT is casting, you cant deny that no matter whos "side" your on. when these two crosspaths its always fun to watch/read. adds a little personality to a game thats because boring and predictable.
Agreed! The rivilary is exactly the reason I came very close to reinstalling et after 4months of not being interested in et at all. And even now I'm a little gutted I missed it... :O
nl games are boring
gl errol
gl haip and co
gl se asd.
come on sublime
gl hype reaz anim slajdan
gl ovie et strAf
easy sublime!
go straf go , i bet for you mister!
anim will obviously bash
hey strafy gl :p
gl ANIM!
hf animLOLOLOL
gl errol and overdrive - seem to be a nice guy after all:)
won't wish you gl because you're in the wrong team tyyrd:P
overdrive isnt playing
1 crumbz cant carry sublime anim blows in euro land because wallhacks dont matter cause he cant aim lol.And straf is gona roll face like he always does easy win for asd.All depends on crumbz and how much he can lead the team to a win.His backpack is heavy like always I think he likes it that way to be honest.
your such a retard
LOOK WHO WAS RIGHT look who was right lmao straf rolled crumbz could not carry enough and lowest dmg was simon in a few rounds WP
thats great .. is your life complete now?
get on a decent team then start talking niga
wheres my glass of water :O XD
You was wrong I was right end of story.
good for you. want an award?
ace where are my new towels?! get them god damn
lol what are you doing here GO Run away from battles YOU FRENCH!lol
Agree on "crumbs owns" -part :p
sub > asd

hf hype
Tosspot <3
2-0 sub
hype rolled map1 and baggiez is currently rolling on grush ;o

but sub>asd

baggiez > hype
nice background sound toss


baggiez >> HYPE

sorry hype ! :)
4-2 asd
lolz ovie :DDD
better wins
you didnt rape us :C so sad
i played quite good tbh, west parts was a fuckup :p even your teammate isen pmmed me after the match that i PWNED u guys :P
You have € 16 on eu asd.
You won € 33.12

gg asd, really nice shoutcast Tosspot
lol ovie >,<
You have € 250 on gb sub
You lost
wp strAf
You have € 900 on asd.
You won € 1863
You have € 100 on gb sub
You lost

errol = insta win !!
You have € 102 on eu asd.
You won € 211.14
when we got rooled at sd id have never think to win after :D
Thanks anim

You have € 23 on asd.
You won € 47.61
fi KirurG1 Friday, 25th September 2009 04:32
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail
Ovie = instafail

miXer>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ovie
played ee errol
wp m8s<3
You have € 1000 on eu asd.
Possible win: € 2070
ssshhhh....hes hiding..BIG SURPRISE for axis
i saw "100 ways of Failing" in this match...
missing a killer imo
gj tosspot
You have € 65 on asd.
You won € 134.55

gg strAfi <3
You have € 15 on asd.
You won € 31.05
You have € 250 on asd.
You won € 517.5
errol najebal wszystkim
You have € 1400 on eu asd.
You won € 2898
blame ovie :)
nice isen :P
gg wp was an exciting match to be in, hopefully was to watch aswell

sten moment will haunt me for life :((((((
wp both , kinda exspected.
its nice we can listen shoutcast and watch ettvod at same time, but second map in replay is decider and vice versa, so all this is useless :(
wp straf