Australia vs Canada (11281 views)

au Witface
au Chevron
au shaggy
au dongo
au Hammerkrook
ca punkk
ca anim
ca rockstAr
ca rossko
ca monkey
14.02.10 04:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW NationsCup XIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: blazer (Generaladmin)
Maps: Frostbite
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Total Pot: € 46754
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Enemy Territory TV
By: eLemenT`Uther (ettvd)

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Viewer Peak: 34


good luck!
GL Canada
gl canada rossko <3
forgot about me already? :(
Why should he wish a landodger gl?
theres no need for you to insult the netherlands dude ;(
not everyone smokes weed, including me. only negros, turks, morrocans and wannabe-black people do it mostly :))
because he's my friend? :D

keep up the flame though, it makes me warm inside :)
No its not a big deal, but if you cant come then dont say that you are going to lan
Then say immediately that you arent going to lan and dont do that in the last month.
who gives a shit.
he cant help it that his parents start beeing a bitch
sry brah didnt know u were in lu. But gl ;) <3
GL shaun punkk tranix rossko anim :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD GL aussies :DDDD
hf lads
GL monkey's canada
You can't say 'cunt' in Canada
Saying 'cunt's' not very nice at all
No, you can't say 'cunt' in Canada
So we asked the sheilas what they called it
And they said muff, moot, minge, quinn, twat, little flower, twinkle, tunnel of love,
So if you say 'cunt' in Canada,
You gotta say it with a velvet glove.
And, you can't say 'cunt' in Canada
someone is frustrated...
someone dont get sarcasm...
sooorie ya fuckin deadbeat. calm down or i'll drop ya with my r.m. williams tagged ute with assorted truck accessories.

trailer park boys is an awesome show.
Like drugs is legal in australia, NOT:D

but i learned surfing their really nice waves:D
GL to the Aussie lads across the ditch. :D
nice collis !
with that lineup you will win nc
gl anim rossko rockstar monkey
gl canada...bon chance punk.

gl aussies, but I have to go with ca on this one.
good luck Canada....hit them in the kanga sack :p
oh lol in da kanga sack.... whats that all aboot then?
gl aus.
hf Aussie
would be nice if haste & chevron will play.
hf Canada !!
Kangeroo is aboot to kick some floating heads asses!
lineup for canada:

ca punkk
ca anim
ca rockstAr
ca rossko
ca monkey
capunkk replace to cashaun and will be good,btw why isnt shaun playing? he would be way better than u
not on to play ET on saturday night ;PPP im also kind of inactive with the team due to praccing with my team that is going to cc7 :) this lineup will do well :)
gl rocky
in the blue corner with a combined total of 8 pbbans, TEAM CANADA!
rock : 1
me : 2 (for the same thing)
punkk : 0
anim : 0
rossko : 1?
rock : 2
me : 2 (for the same thing)
punkk : 0
anim : 0
rossko : 4
rossko 4? x]
net coders sponsers us
3 years ago, all in the same day. it was like when i tried smoking weed one day, and my parents found out so i stopped.
tho should be forgiven <3 :D
dissapointed in you kyle :'[

3 years ago i was playin jaymod in .55 lmao.
arent you the one who played with kiddo and coppacity?? they both got caught closer from now than either rockstar or monkey. They (monkey&rocky) served their bans and are allowed to play so shut the fuck up.
you seem to be the one whos mad since your mashing CAPSLOCK. Oh and about bebit hes pretty inactive i think he hasnt scrimmed a 5o5/6o6 for a year or so. you better stop acting like a though and shut the hell up. Oh and about copp not being caught doesnt mean he never hacked...
btw copp never got caught and kiddo hacked after i played with him you french canadian faggot :)


Damn, I wish all the 12 year old hacking faggots /quit and all the non-hacking faggots came back to bring the scene back to life. I mean, one one hand hacking isn't that big of a deal these days, but on the other, it's been scientifically proven that cheaters are on average massive tards.
talk shit !! wiiiiiii
go putain de punky & simon the jew
gl .ca
Good Luck Canada
gl both
wots the aussy lineup now?
riCo, Chevron, shaggy, dongo, Hammerkrook

but nfi who will turn up to be honest. L:(
riCo rly playing? :o
riCo plays quite a bit in another aussie team, needs haste still though!
riCo > haste, but yeah, they also need haste.
good chance rico wont be playing. havent been able to contact him since pigs vs horses match (2 weeks ago or so).
well they are the best aussies players that are known, will have a far better chance with the 2 of them, although i havn't seen haste playing since the last NC :-(
istn it like a 11 am in Australia ?? ;p
GL, me and shaun will be gone. Hockey + drinking'

Take 5 minutes to think about the logistics of organising this (considering the -14hrs time difference) and comment again.
he isnt serious...
so you represent Tranix? I think you will find he is (hell I wouldn't want to play on Saturday night normally either, but the are exceptions).
ye well somewhere he is, but the attitude isnt, and im not representing him, just able to read between the lines
If you know my posts, they are never serious. I know the time difference, i have hockey and will be drinking. Like i said, who wants to play ET on Saturday night? Not Team Canada, but we will take it with a grain of salt, like lets play 6 am Friday our time, to wreck your saturday night :D

thats why we have chosen a decent time and non-working day for both. No other time/day works.
afirm, best of luck to you and your team.
always got time for canadians :p got a few cousins from vc! hf!
thats early 9pm i usally starts my nights around 10:30's but im stuck for tonight vs the aussie at 12:00 am >.<!!!
gl monkey low trickjumper !
omg anim omg
no CrimZon no win
gl rockstAr + rossko <3

You have € 20 on au AUS Cancel bet
Possible win: € 101.4

easy win
might not even have half that lineup!! D:
that's from 2007 lol
we're going to be playing saturday lol......
Gl monkey & rockstAr
izi for rocky and monkey
Im gonna watch it: D
gl anim : )
gl anim & monkey
gl Canada, too easy for TheGoldenHammer!
go australia )
You have € 36 on ca CAN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 40.32

...ey ich komm aus canada, doch die kids sagen alter schwede!
gogo gadget rocky
Betting on the pb bans almost all star team Canada.
gl nevermore <3
gl anim rossko rockstar monkey <3
Good luck Oliver.
gl monkey
gl <3monkey<3
gl Hammerkrook<3
canada wildcard, prob play same time/day next week.
gl both!
so many nice bands :p
waaaat more delay? :C
i wanted my moneys :P
hf canada !
now i can play :)
gl aussies ..

You have € 10 on au AUS Cancel bet
Possible win: € 34
gl monkey gl punkk amuser vous bien les gars and gl rockstAr
I may be avi to shoutcast it...
Yes, I have a life.
i demand shaun !!!
i'll go to moxies with my laptop and let him watch ettv while he serves
i work at rics grill again :D
go go matt! <3 wtb chevs panzers!
Does anyone know how I can stay up all night and watch this live?
Coffee/energy drinks!
GL AUS and anim!
im gonna be watchin!

gl aussies from BlinG :_D
im gonna be watchin!

gl canadians from BaDMaN :_D
from WaStEMaN *
as if rockstar is clean .. whatever hf
gl monkey
gl punkk, monkey
t encore en vie toi?
gl hf both :)
Gl monkey
pedro and meadow would have been the difference, in fact aus should just be team xfx, instawin
especially with no pb!
rockstar amazing skillboost, 2 months ago low+ and now spraying headshots through walls..
you sir are a idiot.
what the hell are you talking about?
GOOOOOOOOOOO rockstAr !!!!! :D