Delinqüentes vs Vae Victis (5830 views)

es Magico
es zwEi
es Virtanen
fi Karii
fi Miluu
pl Voodoo
pl SnaCki
pl sw1ruz:DDDDD
pl Turki
pl rafacz
03.05.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL 5on5 Spring League 2010
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: w0nd3r (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 34689
The bets have been cancelled.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 29


HF Delinqüentes
gl Polaks ;p
GL Victis ;** zerohour GL on Lan xDDDDDDDD
maaaaaggggiiiicoooooo :)

voodoo :)
izi for magico
izi for victis
gl delinquentes
You have € 124 on es delin Cancel bet
Possible win: € 271.56

delinQ will win again !
Not against TBA.
nah, we will play this as a prac and with backup
yes, miluu plays :p
this one we will lose (we dont give a shit about esl 2nd div!!!!!!)
nyt saa kyl delinQ kovaa kyytii koodipolakkeja vs :D
gl esfi
good luck miluu
gl hf victis
gl relax
hf VAE
enjoy VICTIS
all money in you sKyrocket
gl TBA !
M i l u u

You have 16 on delin
Possible win: 70.4
gl deliquentz
no to magiki sie osraja
me gusta delinquentes !!
swiruz aka skonczylem z et
no ale prawdziwe zycie ;<
Real score please fuckers
4:0 victis
all i had on hackers
You have € 10 on pl victis
You won € 14.2
lol\, get lost polakz
lol hax
You have € 47 on es delin
You lost
Va coño.... los otros dias aposte en contra vuestra 5000 y ahora con vosotros apuesto 1000
y que quieres? :XD
You have € 250 on es delin
You los
lol que chetos los polaks estos
You have € 50 on delin
You lost

You have € 10 on es delin
You lost

You have € 124 on es delin
You lost

couldnt you be more obvious polhacks???
Hello delinqüentes, hello VictisVae, sw1ruz will be banned for 2 years, for cheating in official match. His demo is our proof. delinqüentes already has forfeit win. Magico, if you can make a timetable for both voodoo and snacki, it would be awesome. You have 24 hours to do that. If not, I'll close the protest. Best regards, FoaMeA, ESL Admin

3 actions... facepalm. Go play in ur superclean league without victis. ESL is shit
Finally a good idea, playing in a clean league and without victis
cheaters always lose

Kibelboy? :DDD
demo isn't a proof, gz for esl admin that decided to ban sw1ruz for nothing :)
make avi, or it never happened, anyway victis with sw1ruz will come to EGU lan, matches will be on ettv so we will see how he's playing! :D
Demo is the proof. You can't ban someone based on 3 actions from an avi. We are not moviemakers. ;)
We look to all the suspicious actions, at least 3 times: r_shownormals 0 and 1 and one time for sound.
And btw, your lans are shit. Many PL cheaters are going to play to this lan so it will probably be the battle of the cheaters. So EGU lan = shit.
Banned players in CB cant play on EGU. If ur not moviemakers find someone upload avi on crossfire and ask ppl. So ESL admins = shit
Of course we are shit since we banned one of your players when he was obviously cheating. Have you even checked his demos? I bet you haven't seen anything obvious, because he's your bud. And what the hell were you thinking when you took a cheater that was banned for 3 times in the last 2 years?
I bet he'll be banned on CB too, so you should look for another player.

Why should I make an .avi? We don't use them because you can't tell for sure if a player is cheating or not from an avi. There's a journal with the gamestv replay, that's more than enough. The community already knows him as a cheater, but you don't? Are you missinformed or is it just me?

Now gtfo.

u banned me also because i owned your friends so yes you are shit admin
I like banning polish nobrain cheaters.
sCent dostal bana w ESL za to avi :D
loel u banned him so u have proofs i dont want to watch the demo and wait one hour for 3 actions :-000 U cant be more gay
Ganjda played well at last EGU so? ;p
Kibleboy +1
kibelboy ?
Kibelboy +1