ClanBase ET Crew vs ESL ET Staff (14087 views)

pl szczurek
pl Homer
mt Killerboy
be GoldoraK
de eiM
pl Krein
pl l4z
at joeyy
ro FoaMeA

A fierce battle between ClanBase and ESL. Will this age old feud be settled right now? More info here.

Match cancelled due to server ddos
12.09.10 19:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous
Manager: Killerboy (Generaladmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 44989
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 203


killerboy versus FoaMeA : KKKKKKKKKKK
low vs low
corrupt admins
nerds will be rolled
Killlerboy vs FoaMeA :KKKKKKKKKKKKK
we need coverage for this match!

esl does better coverage, you write it :(
no SLAC pls
Krein? rofl gonna be, one man, one army
No way. Me is better than Krein.
Didn't Krein say something once about anybody that only the noobs of this game becomes admins or something? :/
thats why enigma is proposing to be an admin!
sounds like Krein to me:)
at least he'll finally be the best player in a match this time huh :P
Think this will be the first time I see Homer playing instead of being a spec. lol
funny!! GL both teams
nice! hf both
have fun szczurek :)
both teams full of cheaters, nice
no SLAC, what can you expect? :D
no Notorious :/
hello kb, ill play with cheats you know br0 so...see you ingame :XD
kuzwa ... hf szczurek & l4z =DDD
too many pl like always :SSSS
gl to u mihihihihi
thx muhuhuhuh ^.^
que pasa M1st3r, aun sigues currando de amdin en la ESL?? ya te habran subido el sueldo no??

x cierto, ya tantos años jugando minimo debes estar ganando EuroCups no? jajajajajajaja
omg cheaters on ETTV...
gl foamea!!! and my polak szury!
Reaparezco, entro para decirle GL al M1st3r y me piro.
np 4 team esl! ESL FTW!

gl krein
np4 esl
k, now i know how i can get 2 stars in ettv :XDD

(hope there will be many fails ;))
gl both :DD , hf Goldorak
Goldo!!!!! <3
gl eiM <3

Obviously put money on the 7
gl szczurek
2 stars .........................................................................................................
+1 it's a fucking disgrace should atleast be
this fucking shit gets 2 stars? ballshit...................................
LION still active?
CB using slac, ESL not

ESL instawin
lycka till kaviar :]
gl Goldo and FoaMeA
gl killerbot fitard
gl plszczurek and plHomer!

You have € 20 on CB
Possible win: € 55.6
Gl Szczurek ! :)
gl sczurek!
very tough match. ESL has ability to change match format mid-round. CB can become invisible on deciding moments and add players to their roster as the match goes. could go either way really
LOL crossfire crew would rape both
easy for ESL :D
low vs low
pl egoderko mad cos SLAC styled on you?
isnt hard to change hard disc and use proxy
it is for pl because a hard-disk costs a full month of work
read my mind ... xd
not at all
already i have 5 new hdd's
why did you steal them?
i bought them
so you worked 5 months to get 5 HDDs?
i hope slac's on. definately some dodgy hackers playing.....
missing mundus @ cb lineup :/
gl joey !
realy nice game... GL both ... hf foamea
2 stars ? U mad ? :D
GL foamea and kAviar
izi 4 szczurek :)
2 stars... ofc.. -.-
low fags ,gl kb though ,maybe u unban me ;)
go ESL!!!
You have € 5000 on eu ESL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 6800
GL Szczuro D:
eazy bash cb. more polaks = insta win

gl Krein :D
gl joey <3
good match, like it, but who's the arbitre? xDDD
Uh, no ETTV?
low vs low match gets 2 stars? trololol
hope killerboy rapes them all, ill be rooting for you, better win me money
joey will deliver
krein only decent player <3
NO WAY! Spec me friend, you'll see my highskill.
My ET died after reinstall, PLEASE SOMEONE REVIVE MY ET:(
kb gona own and bet on ESL so i can get decent money from CB :D
You have € 30 on ESL
Possible win: € 40.
I would be so happy to see eiM back in business at ESL's side, would help the community to switch over ;)

better mappool, better admins, better site & co., if killerboy would accept this and all would switch over to esl its also easier to get good mgc's!!!
Why not play 2 'big and good' cups instead at the same time..

2 crews are better than 1 imo
just explain why spaki fucked up your movie + shoutcasts werent worthy :(
teams just have to start playing ESL ladders so ESL notices we have way more activity and MGCs notice ET is actually active, they don't seem to care about CB anymore.. I guess Speedlink also have to hold 5on5 ESL #1 position as they keep playing vs random teams there
yea thats the fucking fact, all teams need to join the ladder^^
MGCs are not interested in a ladder that has 20 teams and 10 matches a month that has no anti-cheat.
I do not recall claiming such fact
i'm just telling you why people don't want to swich there, CB ET has a much bigger userbase and most of the players/teams find it easier to roam.

and not to mention that half of the 5on5 esl matches i see are pl mixes of the CB Banlist
I'm not trying to advocate ESL ladders being better than CB ladders or whatever, I'm just pretty sure MGCs would show more interest for our game if it was (perhaps also) active in ESL ladders, even ESL would probably be able to offer us bigger/more prizes if ET showed some more activity
some true words..
MGCs like Dignitas, Snogard, myRev, Speedlink...... are well known teams in the ESL ladders and its prestigious competitions like ESL Major Series, ESL Pro Series etc. (i am not referring to ET)
try to make the ladder attractive :P, last time we played it was before cic7
cb has better anticheat system aka killerboy. esl is full of cheater rejects and the site is harder to navigate than cb
About the cheaters, if we don't have enough proofs to ban, and we know they are suspicious, they are put on a blacklist and always supervised. So not so many cheaters in ESL lately, much more secure and clean ladders.
About the website, we are soon gonna release a new article on CF about ESL, how to use it, so it will be clear for everyone. ;)
Some more news soon. ;)
Just create a new layout.

And I can assure you 70% of the polaks playing ESL ladders are banned from CB atm.
not trying to bring down your policy, but if there are some truely obvious players out there, randoms, not lanproof people, who play on med+ level without any history i prefer them being banned then having to play them. Why? Because of the 100 people who pull something like that off, only 2 are legit. Atleast, thats my experience in this game, and therefore I applaud CB with having a stricter banpolicy.
izi for wons
I think nerds will win this match :O

Hehe :D ?
killerboy gonna ban @ cb after this match if he doesn't win.

oh wait...
gl szczurek :D
gl killerboy
money on lion :)
gl nerds:)
tds pts
lolololol GL both
il CrozZ vs. pl Krein
this misses Notorious !

i don't get it, i seriously don't fucking get it.

why is every 16 y/o polak so retarded
what :D?
yes delete your comment you will not look like a retard

just in case you decide to delete this as well

Quote by block Sunday, 12th Seprember 2010 15:36gl mAus :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
:/ ;D;D
this game gets 2 stars with lows and low+ , fucking nosense
stop comenting and do some warmup before game!
yes we are doing warmup, i'm just listing how many headshot i got last map to keep track of my performance :)
oh my goat 30 minutes moar
seems like et is still alive :)) gl killerb, goldorak, homer
fomea is an esl admin and he cant change nickname in game...
blame CB for the delay :)
it's kinda understandable.. only a retard would get some sort of egoboost for winning with this insane lag.

e: and the fact that you won't restart the map will be funny.
dont worry, be happy =)
such a joke at all!
4:37 @ supply, wd esl :DDDDDDDDDDD
4:37 on supply by esl, seems like close match
19:36 Killerbot: Fucking Pale

pale gtfo..
O M G ...
deja vu
why does pale care so much about CB -,- you mad cos i'm banning yo customers??
how do u know this is Pale ?
it's all about a money. He can't earn money from customers because they are complaing about their bans and want their money back. And you know, he mad:)
Pale 4-0 CB+ESL
Fuck of
krein (i think he had the idea) had a great idea with the ettv & upload it afterwards
Im sad but first SLAC bustlist proved that pales cheats are undetected :(