iNtakE.Gaming vs Lost Legion Clan (6426 views)

us ipod
nl aL
nl weZep
ca boorito
ch RenX
nl bassie
nl Anthony
pl wedeus
fi bEEbEE
5th Matchweek / 7th league - #easy.cup

Last match before the 5on5 playoffs.
Good luck both teams
03.03.11 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Easy Company Cup VI 5v5 » Matchlink
Hosting: Easy Company Cup
Manager: taZyaa (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 6633
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 14


no, wont be on weekend :D
that's when im in party mode.

tea partys?
yeah, you should come. I made hayzay and kiddo dress up.
it was awesome.
My grandma bought me this killer tea set last week, it is just so coooool.....

im sure im older then you.
lol do you think your good or something?
were do you see ANY of my comments saying im good?
you blind?

i'll send you some money so you can get some glasses.
lol no but im just wondering, its just a random question for a random canadian
random question from a random player.
I know I suck. Lost interest in getting better a loooooong time ago.
This game is almost dead, So. to answer your question. No
low vs low

No matter what I answer, yours will be 'YOU MAD?'
Goku, goku we all know that you are muuuch much lower than for example me and bassie, so why do you cry? And if we suck it means only that you suck even more! So wouldn't it be the time to stop these LOWOMG comments?
you're breaking fumble's 15 year old heart :(
Thanks mate :)
gl LLC !
Who of llc confirmed that date? It will most likely fit, but no guarantee yet.
ECC Goldorak picked that date, only because andyF1 said if i didn't pick a date he would delete the match.
so, it's just a random date for now. we can change it if we need to.
gl aL ;)
Let's do this.
I'm playing this!
No computer at home, gotta go to college to play.
gl renx ;p
gl icecrust & fumble
gl anthony :)

e:better if this cpold be at wednesday 4 me :(
i can ask to move it. :D
+ thats the week im at my moms so i cant prolly play :..(
finally a lu of intake that looks good :)
Goodluck RenX.
Thanks! We'll need it :)
Gl intake
gl ipodm8
Thanks mate <3
I got a lot better now :D.
iPod , i can play for u .

gl RenX bro :D
gl ice and fumble, money on u, so dance for me :)
Add fibEEbEE to our Lineup. Most likely 5 out of the players will play then.
bEEbEE will be downfall of LLC, he sucks so hard...

also gl fumble & rito
gl ipod your the best!
Love you bro <333333333
gl ipod, and tell your team to challenge us
You will only play on the weekends, Get a life buddie

Don't come at my son bape, I'll rock your shit tazzzz
Are you really talking about me getting a life? It's called busy with school work so i wont turn out like a dropout piece of shit like yourself, you're like in your 20s and you're still playing this game. LOL stupid ass hypocrites these days
Are you fucking retarded. &9% of ET's community are in there 20's. So shut the fuck up. Drop out? Don't think so, Went to school at the University of British Columbia. That's in Canada if your pathetic ass didn't know.

So, Suck my dick you donkey cock suckin homo.
Bape I'd love to play, but I can only play weekdays and has to be at 3:00 =/
gl anthony
gl LLC
easy for Renz!
best of luck LLC!
gl LLC
where is crono
gl sidhu & intake
gL SidHU !!!!!
take out their best player so other nabs. too easy for LLC
the bitch above me is mad cus low intake did better then them in ECC VI and made it to the playoffs.
Aqua.ET is shit.
tazyaa, you never played a game and you think you're good. we re-made with new players.
lol i never played a game? i've played 22 official matches with intake. suck my dick. lawl
you're the most retarded person i've ever met..
at least he's able to write his mother language correct.

e: and you are a million times more retarded than him.
LOGAN ty w to jeszcze grasz ? :D
no czasem mi sie zdarzy, ale nie za czesto :P
Good luck ipod
go ch RenX
thanks, good luck to you too! :)
gl epa :)
Quote by ipodand yea iv been practiing my hand movement
i move my wrist left and right with the 5 pound dumbells
quicker reflexes
Hey! You!
That's confidential information!
gl iPod and fumble
izi money
gl fumble
Anthony <3 GL
gl both teams!

izzi bash for us ;)
grr some reason I can't get on the andy ettv server, any chance of another one?
llc should've speclocked @ goldrush, tazyaa floating around like crazy giving away positions LOL
fairplay, didn't expect it
i wasn't even on ts with them. lul
ridiciously fail, asian.
he started talking about their position i said shut up dont need that and went afk i swear
so true rito.
ca taZyaa Thursday, 3rd March 2011 22:25
i wasn't even on ts with them. lul

he was floating around quite rapidly for an AFK ;-)
epa speclock next time :D
exciting games, well played rito
cheers gg u 2 great team
Thanks tayzaa for your chinese tax

You have € 60 on iNtakE.
You won € 181.8
nice way to win. of course it is our mistake but it would be nice to say "hey speclock maybe". well wp you all suck except wezep :D
nice way to win? lawl when i was just spec, and not even in ts3 with them. stfu
oh i see you are too childish to admit it. well congratulations anyway, hope you're happy
admit what? what im lying about? i was in spec yes. but was not in ts3 so i couldnt say anything to intake team..

i am not crying :) i just think your team is not good except for wezep :)
apocalypseuh Thursday, 3rd March 2011 22:27
he started talking about their position i said shut up dont need that and went afk i swear
taZyaa Thursday, 3rd March 2011 22:34
so true rito.

+ 'i was not on ts'

yeah that makes sense
don't mind the retard. someone let him off the leash. he just specs all of his teams matches and thinks he's cool.
explain this, pretty much people claim you were floating around like a mad dog
eventho, we almost beated you without using a spec, c u in playoffs asian, try fairplay
don't mute me then. then i can say speclock.
stop bitching and go buy some tampons
we are still better
You have € 20 on eu LLC
You lost

Close one, altho it was pretty lame from tayzaa^^
You have € 250 on iNtakE.
You won € 757.5
And you were the most annoying retard I ever played against. Your spam ability is insane, your brain is probably the contrary.
Gl in playoffs nevertheless.
You sound a tad angry.
Well I'm absolutely not angry (in every 3rd war you find an 'awesome' spammer, even tough iceq reached a new level :p). I'm just always getting surprised about people's understanding of humour or entertainment.
oh you were alot nicer before I started spamming :(
Well spam one time is okay. But you just overused your binds.
And I doubt I was impolite before the spam.
shoutout complex was necessairy tho!
You have € 10 on iNtakE.
You won € 30.3

just coz tazya didn't play
had same idea :o
Team low getting carried by wezep? :o
You have € 250 on ca iNtakE.
You won € 757.5

thanks <3
I feel like quitting ET, after today.
I know why I keep fucking up...
I change my config and settings as soon as I get rolled even once.
you must change your config and settings pretty often then
There's always something to complain about lol wp both
You have € 50 on iNtakE.
You won € 151.5
lost my last coins, tnx ;{