pro5 vs Team Dignitas (23535 views)

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de RamiN
de drago
de keran
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ClanBase EuroCup XV Losers Bracket Round 3
05.06.07 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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hf r3vers!
go butchjiiio
butchji ftw!
pro5 :D
zP!! =)
21h is too late
gl pro5 GL gifty :) ftw
Will be fun to watch imo! :D

Butchji <3
easy for d.
dignitas will win this
Dignitas <3
GL Dignitas
easy bash for pro5 4 sure ! There's something broken in d. team :s
gl pro5, but dignitas will win
ez bash for pl koto :)
digi will win pro5 suck even when they were zp with cheats they still sucked
keran only cheated once on a stupid public server... so stfu about cheating zp 0.o
he should be banned tbh
pro5 win, but i bet 4 d. bcuz urtier is my fav :P [/comingout]
funny odds tbh
*** NUKED ***

ng: banned for 1 day!
I agree with this guy who makes a pretty good point..
banned for 1 day! stop acting like a kid!
xD OWNED ng what did he say? :o
evil words like b*tch and stuff... :(
The truth.
how many accounts do you have my friend?

set inactive for the next 24h!
ready pro5 2 death??:) LOL! DignitAs.!!
gl pro5. kick dignita's ass!
very sad that that pro5 team can still play, shame for CB and ET :,( gl d.
you are so boring...sometimes, when i read your posts, i have felling that u are banned cheater and the fact that keran still plays is making you mad
di do hajzlu polaku fakt uz...
ofc when your out of arguments you trying to offend me ...but np4me it only means that u are retarded
Na pocátku stvoril buh nebe a zemi. Zeme byla pustá a prázdná a ty si proste blbec, kdyz me tu vykladas, jak musim bejt haxor. Keran a shy sou cheateri, maj ban i na ET Cupu tak prosimte radsi mlc. Schvalne sem zvedavej na jaky urovni je tvoje cestina ty prase jedno :P
LOL jedno? Jasne at si cheatuje kazdej ze... pls zamysli se jestli tohle projde tak cemu pak jako chces verit v ET?
Fanbois whinning about cheats cose they dont want there team lose? 4tru, people should su about hax, excuses imo, cose they know pro5 gonna win?

zP have never won against idle/d. and anything indicates they will this time, so why should d. fanboi think pro5 gonna win?
they have (PGA quali) :d
5on5 :p
how many times d. won AFTER PGA? 4,5 times?

you guys seem to forget that zP was created as 5on5 clan and their gameplay was built on 5on5 relations
Bullshit. :-)
pentel is always right!!!!1!!1
well i cant know more than you but that seems logical to me that you were able to beat them in 5on5, butchji.
Bahh whatever , dignitas just didnt have that teamplay in 5on5 , and zP wasnt the only team who were able to beat them in 5on5.
in the match against cdap i blame their mood. i guess they were pretty pissed of after the first loss.

+ ofc you're right about teamplay part too
4tru, rules are to be followed. Shame Adacore is too weak to ban them. Anyway whining doesn't help a sh|t so gL & Hf pro5! Should be great match against d.
dignitas > hax soz gg. gl to senji (teh murso&tommi fan) <3 np
pro5 never won from d./idle, why would they win now?

Ah yes, hax
fanboi, whiner, noobs.


t a r d s
You are the only retard here, no doubt.
how you wanna know?
If some1 else uses cheats at a public everybody says: BAN HIM BAN HIM !! So why shouldn't we say it against him?
He didn't.
Bullshit. :-)
Why you need to talk if you have no clue?
Idd :)
you truly are a ret..
I mean: I talk, so I have a clue... Sherlock ret...
Why not direct your anger at CB for having rules that you don't agree with rather than at the people who just wants CB to enforce their own rules consistently? :P
digi... :D
gl pro5 u need it , HF dignitas u need it too :D
5 pros + 1 haxor against dignitas => any amount of luck wont be helpful for them
dig fanboi whine pwns
learn to use the magic button, which is called "reply" !
Not really a button now is it, its more like a link or the drop down box tbh.
eZ 4 pr0n5
gl hatred&butchji =)
HF & GL :)
pro5 !! ftw
gl. gifty <3
gifty butchji hatred keran drago make me proud please<333
I think if someone is fanboy of any team, that is not a shame. You are talking like that would be a shame.
Gl to both teams , 3 mapper!
izi bes 4orj jekazd
d. has kot now... gl next time p5
yeah kot is good but the rest of the team suxx atm
It does look like they are recovering now though, but the matches are in the middle of exam weeks :<
gl pro5
laggers against cheaters...will be funny :D
gifty ftw
hope cheaters wont win
won't be an easy bash for any of the teams, but i still expect dignitas to take the win
quem tem o kot e o night, tem tudo :D
ye i need those lineups to:s
Lineups ?
with kot dignitas win
without lose
glhf ramin :>>
Your bet: 200€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 404.00 € (+204.00 €)

izi bash 4 digintas
kot or not? :<
QuadV 2 - TosspoT ( English )

when i saw this i automatically thought it was splodge, but i'll get used to it!
u guys gna dual-cast any time soon? or maybe you and redeye? <3
yeah dual casts are nice. sounds more professional like in football
there were many dual casts.
i heard them in some fragmovies like in winghavens fragmovie
gl QUADV tosspot! :)
dual cast lolz O_O
gifty to play a good game!

Sth about lineups???
anyway it will be rly close game :P
gl dignitas;)
with this lineup digni will win for sure. kot ftw :D
2mixed2win < pro5
r3vers? oO
no r3vers+senji
As much as I hate to say it, pro5 will win this one, because of dignitas lineup :<
reload aka 200 ping
what a strange lineup dignitas has...
will be a close match :)
kot will make up for the abscence of both players!
My first bet on pro5 :>
np 4 pro5 :o
Dignitas: +kot -senji
Pro5: +hacks

Pro5 wins.
gl (d)
no rav3rs no senji

pro5 ftw
kurwa bets are changing :o
ye they do alot:s
Dignitas slowly dies :(
revers ?
Your bet: 460000 on pro5 Possible Win: 630,200.00 (+170,200.00 )
lol loser! :)
u'r poor in RL, i presume

and after this match, u'll be poor in gamestv too =( poor guy
what happened to senji?
whats wrong with radio links? anyone having probs to?
oeda ik kan t'uur ni leze:p xD tis toch om 9.30 uur.. en tis bekan 9.30 uur dus 0.o
btw, does anyone knows the lineups of the next war that belgium plays?
kot nie zawiedz swoich rodakow :3
pro5 1.98 vs 2.02 team-dignitas

how come those f*cking radio links dont work? :@ :p
unimportant match...
but tosspot is on the server so..
1-0 dignitas, fullhold @ tank.
Your bet: 11€ on dignitas Possible Win: 22.22 € (+11.22 €)

ez money, d. full held pro5 in GR, saw that one comming nP.
Your bet: 11€ on pro5 Possible Win: 21.78 € (+10.78 €)

You steel my money :<
or maybe not :>
expected that on radar nP, d. will win decider nP!
Muahahahaha, won 11G€
fuck that! frost could have gone either way.. oh well
d. 2 - 0 p5
night > p5 :D
2:2 decider
Omfg... :/
pls win buthcji pls:) you have to do it! go PRO5 :D
LOL @ FB first round
pro5 wins
nice one pro5 xD
¸w0000000000000000000000000000000000000t :DDDD

gg pro5 <3333333333333333

pro5 4 - 2 d.
sehr schön :D
god dammit
Yes yes, I won money <3
gr8 <3
oh yeah...tja das wars wohl d. bb
well played pro5 you deserved to win imo. congrats
fu pro5
uff did not expected after gr :o nice one !
cheaters won again :,(
wp butchji & pro5

Night potm

Your bet: 70€ on pro5 Won 138.60€
Dignitas had a fucking good defense at frostbite but they fucked it up by destroying CP , because after that 3 players got full and it was over.Too much luck for pro5.

But was a really good match tho.
cheaters always win
butchji, gifty <3
GJ ZeRoPoInT ! :)
yeah baby!wp Pro 5...
fu pro5
Complete turn around after first map wp p5
I lost my money oh noes.
oh noes.. I went from 9th to 15th place on Gbooky Rankings :<<<<
You stole my 'oh noes' im suing for gbooky money.
pro5 1.98 vs 2.02 team-dignitas Total pot: 753326 €
Your bet: 30€ on pro5 Won 59.40€
Your bet: 200€ on dignitas
pro5 kk noobs
match was a bit up and downsy, did anyone else see kot lag with docs at fb? or was it just me?

Tosspot <3
yeh, we all saw it, he would probably have made it if it wasnt for that fucked up lag. and indeed, blowing up the cp was actually pretty bad, 2 of them got full and the defence was stretched anyway.
blame kot haha
fu pro5 :/ cheaters always win :/
05/06 21:30 pro5 1.98 vs 2.02 dignitas 2000€ on pro5 Won 3960.00 €
sch.... und ich bin nach grush vom server weil ich dachte es wäre schon gelaufen für pro5 :/
Clanbase - allowing cheaters since 1998.
Pro5 - killing fairplay since 2007.
^^ ... you name it. Where is fair play from butchji and gifty? If they have kicked these bastards after WHOLE WORLD found out that they were cheating - it would be ok but.... playing EC with these bastards... where is moral? :(
I know where it is - it is lieing in shits...
Nice turning on hax after ridiculously being owned @ gr
Best comment ever on gamestv! :]
und wer spielt jetzt für keran, nachdem alle heulsusen cb dazu gebracht haben, ihn auszuschließen?
so lächerlich...bulldog verträgt wahrscheinlich nicht die niederlage des britischen vertreter im EC. Naja und gibt es beweise das keran & shy in einem offizielen spiel gecheatet haben und wurden sie für immer aus CB Tunier gebannt oder für eine unbefriestete zeit?
dude, you sound like a nazi - the bulldog apparently can't take the loss of the english traitor? hitler couldn't choose better propaghanda word-placing.
If you are not able to understand german properly don't accuse him of this Hitler bullshit. Vertreter doesn't mean traitor.
ah, my bad, yes it doesn't, I take my bullshit back. I'll think twice the next time. vaerraeter, vertreter, sounds similar. again, my bad.
omgz0r! yeah and u with new 1week lineup beat d.

sure :O!

probot ftw!

Your bet 300 on dignitas lost =_=
wtf chaos in et world,we need RAZIEL
Nice turning on cheats after grush ^^
more haxors in EC pls...
omg more whine pls.
atleast there are no cheaters
ban keran
d. lost to pro5 that wasn't cheating. says more about quality of d. than pro5.
so, kot lagged pretty much, so did reload. And night at the beginning of match too. And nobody can change that pro5 are/were cheatzors.
one guy used a public cheat... gg using your brain
where were senji and revers???i guess with them, dignitas would took the win!!!
who was cheating @ pro5?i missed to see the match yesterday...pls answer-->thx!!!
No one. -->np!!!
keran has cb ban
german gays

Are you serious? Did they finally ban him? And why did they wait till after this match?
r3vers and jakazc bet on pro5 ;)
kot sol never
was nice fullhold on gr :p wp!
ss.log won!
revers or other guy had problem with computer hard from tosspot shoutcast