Belgium vs Sweden (19812 views)

be Jere
be chry
be Gifted
be mAus
be Sup3r
be AL1
se tornis
se NuggaN
se jonas
se slajdan
se ansikte
se savage

CB NationsCup XV

Group C - 1st Matchweek
26.01.12 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: GoldoraK (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 157079
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 446


" expected Line up " can be modified
do the håes!
good luck Team-Sweden! <3
Team BEL 2011 vs. Team SWE 2008
? :P

edit: shit, gonna miss it
Nuggan gonna take it
chry mAus ? :x
mAus will play semi final and final only, most likely, like last year
lycka till sverige

gl ti+es ;)
where its maus ? and chry ?
where its maus ? and chry ?
where its maus ? and chry ?
gl Savage and Team Swe :)
yea where is mAus and chry???
borg alter fran tang!
Gifted where is ViKODiN in your line up?
finally some good games coming up!
if tites doesnt play swe will fail hard
GL Belgium
gl Belgium!
missing some AlexL
gl tornis
gl belgium
gl BE
gl AlexL
Gifted noob!!! GL !!:D
jonas missing :(
gl bF
GL vktr! GL SWE-bojs!
Enkelt !

the best lu imo.
-kevin +uNDEAd
well dont you miss a obj player then ? instead of a dmging medic ?

objective player

- Jere + chizz6l
-chry +Boss_
-<Randomshitplayer> +vila
-mAus +Keith
succes !
Waar zitte jom! Dat we nog is wa 3o3kes kunne spelen :)
exames zijn gefixt dus kem trug tijd :D
gL without maus belgium... :-)
gl slajdan
no mAus no fun :| :S
Gl sweden
get mAus now!
no mAus no win
no mAus no win
gl Gifted profi.
gl nuggan, Kevin
gl nuggan
i cant see mAus
np for BE
no mAus no win...

gl Nuggan :p
Not 100 % sure about the line up yet, but it will pown for sure =)
needs some chry :S
chry died during surgery earlier today, may he rest in peace.
gl gifted m8
You have € 75 on SWE
Possible win: € 1154.25

You have € 500 on se SWE
Possible win: € 5645

go go go sweden!! :D
GL sweden
no maus no undead beh :s

no smartass chrynooby

no jonas :c
one of them will play :P
gifted back to spectator mode :PppPpPPpP

no but you can easily switch 1/2 players ;o
I cant, many players finish their exams this week. we will see after that =). Sucks we play our hardest oppo in the first game.
same here
Yeah, obvious or most proabable group finals should always be the last match in the group.
sweden hard oppo
no mAus ?
won't place a bet before mAus is in the line-up
You have € 19 on SWE
Possible win: € 131.67
gl nuggan !
nuggan dont play worst this time ;) reviewing ur past match
why isnt tornis playing rifle anymore:( He used to be pretty good, atleast better than ansikte :/
gl swe :)
Gl Sweden roll the belgs :D
tornis ?
gl tornis and nuggan and maus
omg maus omg
No mAus no specs :P
mAus vs NuggaN
mAus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, what are you saying ?!

No I'm not a fanboi oO
No Boss no win
wheres jonas
nuggan gonna destroy maus broes, not that i care or will watch, just randomly commenting as usual
team india ready for nc
What about Japan ?

there is only room for one asian team in NC and it's India, soz
Chicken Curry owned The Noodles
mAus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gl !
gl supuhr n viktuhr
need WORM & CHRY !
You have € 10 on SWE
Possible win: € 4000000
OMG mAus OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
be need chry!!
NuggaN <3
gl Jere best BEL Player :-)
shit match
no chry *.*' ?
wherethefuckis lio?
gl vktr
Good luck to both teams and especially to Kevin and Savage :)
It's SWEDEN's time to shine!!!
You have € 30 on se SWE
Possible win: € 192.6

gl owners :) & jere :)
hf savage :)
GL mAus !
gl be
gl NgN!
no chry no worm, still win.
gl sverige, ni tar detta.
hf belgium will be easy :)
mAus vs nuggan omg omg
gl belgian friends
nuggan sux / mAus rox
yesteday i bet maus becouse he dont think
Kötta SWE!
Will sit with outstretched ankles and watching.
will be close
chry dropped hard ;ss 5o5 only
I havent watch an ETTV match since a lot of time but for this one I will make an exeption.
thanks for this information
replays demanded: 104 YES VERY LONG AGO :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
I mean "live" and when I request I dont watch more than 5mins.
mAus vs NuggaN will be nice ;)
is nuggans shot even comparable to maus? wtf?
nuggan isnt that good :x
gl mouse
#1 aimer of the year vs #2 aimer of the year.

only missing the 3o3 ruler jonas :E
maak me trots jongens!!!!!!!!!!!! GL&HF
vktr, mofo, lycka till! <3 gooonnna specs u!
You have € 2900 on se SWE
Possible win: € 26419
headshot them mAus :))
Fake lineup = i'll find u !
gl chry van brussel !
gl swedes
gl maus
| J || O || N || A || S|

in, newbje out

gl belgium
Final Lineup:

so 21:30 ye its now 21:41 noobs
Viewer Peak: 437

gotta love maus
cant believe how many fans jonas has
un pyj :

You have € 100 on SWE
You lost
You have € 2900 on se SWE
You lost
you seriously thought they could win? team ragequit vs canada? no chance :C
that is not true though
Ragequit vs canada what are u on about? :D
dont really know where u got that from mate, playing 2 maps then leaving to play another oppo is hardly ragequit
Tbh maybe, plus wanted to eaven the odds, ok hater?
Viewer Peak: 446
Guess people will finally accept that jonas is clean, he has proven himself by now.
Alas, the same can not be said for you.
Yeah well, but I got the right connections to stay unbusted. :pPPp
whats wrong with nuggan? not his day :/
if your talking about his stats, he got disconnected twice so not really accurate in the statistics.
yes i know, i watch the entire match. I just get that feeling of him playing uncomfortable, like it was a bad day, idk. I hope he's doing fine and it was all just a difficult match.
most of my performances these last 6 months have been "bad days", guess you could make what you want from that :D
perhaps I'm not really as good as people think, or I'm just really inconsistent, who knows :D

honestly I don't consider myself as that good of a 6on6 player anyways, I enjoy playing 3on3 and 5on5 a lot more than 6on6 and I guess that shows in my play.
hmm I didn't think you did that bad in our prac
thanks, but I don't remember it so can't have been very good :D
I think you're good player nuggan!
trust in yourself and u will roll in 6o6 aswell :D
Nej Nuggan jag alskar your aim
I don't think you should look down to your perormance.
SWE played good but people seem to forget that it wan't a random team you were laying against. Belgium finished 2nd last year and goes for the gold spot this year. They've a bunch of solid and skilled players. Your two last games will be pure ownage for sweden imo.
Just get back in shape and show us the usual you :p

mAus fanboy ! (xp)
i trusted you friends
You have € 10 on be BEL
You won € 11.2
yea, you're rich now xD
Are you fucking kidding me
tornis why arent u replacing yourself with tites?? idiot, or u take the rifle cuz ur rifle sux aswell and tites in... dumb faggot
Tites? he don´t even play, he havent been online for a long time and he isnt a multiclasser so why should I replace him with myself the only one who do engi stuff in the def and fop/panzer/mg and so on in attack. Get your facts straight, I don't even know u so why would I listen to you anyway. Tites is good but don't think he would replace anyone in that lineup thats a medic only, neither savage as a fop.
tornis is sick! + vktr is a sick rifle!