muse-gaming vs Team-Unique (8958 views)

fr Freek
fr Douiile
fr Zorn
ch reaver
fr bemeu
fr milit
at beasty
nl twinzzy
it dio
de royal
de haZer
ru pulZa
fi Jacker
09.01.08 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4
Manager: Rickk (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 11227
The bets are closed.

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By: Esox
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Language: French

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: unknown

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gl muse :)

Total Pot: € 1
nP for unique.
GL bumeu
allez mes poulets
gl les bleus
Good luck both!
its beAsty and roYal !
Bumeu not bemue :'(
gl reaver and douille ;-)
and unique adwell ofc!
GL unique!
seriously...there are like 10 people in unique line up?? who are actually playin in enschede if you will qualify? goodluck of course
the line-up , except jacker . And if some1 drops then me
gl muse and unique
easy for muse... they must rank last at this cdc aswell ;)
this shouldn't be a problem for unique
Gl les muses :)
Nice nicknames for muse players lol :P. ([flag= ch] for ReavEr btw ch)

gl unique
go Mr. Accuracy fais moi rêver et douille aussi :)
Where is pheex?
Gl MUSE :)
gl muse ;)
go my boys :)
Good luck to Muse :)
Hahahaha bemue :D
Nice freekz & douiile !

The lineup for tonight will be:
milit ? :o Preparation de NC ou class absent ?
Besoin d'une rifle parce que j'ai pas encore trop eu le temps de m'y mettre, et class qui a pas mal de boulot en ce moment.
Ils ont esquités ton pseudo Bmuem x) GL les muse.
Easy for muse if you ask me.
You have € 73 on fr muse-gam
Possible win: € 270.83
gl muse ;)
gl rew-reaver! and beasty :D
faites bien mumuse contre les unique :p
GL muse
gl muse gl bEmeu :)))
GL muse.

gogo milit <3
dio - is a fail-key for a team
watch uniQue&newtalent he replaced me and he played better fo sho!
muse gaming will win imo.. they have good team play and besides...
Besides, they won over a mix team.
ye but really good mix
gl twinzzy, al moet je beter spelen dan gister anders wordt dit een 4-0 voor muse :x
Ik weet, thanks voor je compliment trouwens :D
gL haZer
I've bet half of tout mon blé sur you les gros (25$) !
Go Muse, GL les gros !
gl muse
gogo unq
Muse @ Supply = brutal torment
We played better vs you :P
2:0 unique

3-0 atm
kk..i was 1261 of 1272 ill be last

gg !
Rank 1,127 / 1,271


You have € 20 on unq
Possible win: € 30
Sorry for that, I lost e-money too :(
who won?
dio & beasty potm
WTF muse vous étiez 10 fois meilleurs qu'eux et vous perdez :o
fuck I bet on muse :<
UL frenchies :<
A bit unlucky indeed :/
So unlucky muse - you deserved at least a map out of that.
well, next time better ! (+ with a little more prac than 1 day before !)
im quite sure, there will be some dropouts. dont worry!
We really hope so :)
don't worry! be happy! *randomwhistle*
indeed, especially considering that they'd have won offline.
Ok so lets consider we've won (that's only a 15 seconds difference :P).
sT will drop anyway :P
so gl@ lan :D
My heart was going fuckinn fast
me too :(
Until bumeu's airstrike :D
it was getting a orgasm when he throwed the strike
FUCK ! i wanna see TosspoT again :'(
next time muse wp it was really close ;)
unlucky milit <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3