megaProGaming e-Sports e.V. vs Impact Gaming (25210 views)

de haZer
de butchji
de wEAK
at potter
lv Clown
gb razz
si JaKaZc
de snoop
mt toxic
ee Night
ee r3vers
Upper Bracket Final
CB Match Link
18.05.08 22:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XVII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Bartichello (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 153008
The bets are closed.

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gl both, should be an amazing match!
impact ftw! wish i had some money to bet....
de pro will take it of course!!

gb 'i
mPG, since mystic isn't playing. :)
one man cant make a difference (its not Knight Rider) :D
Please, it's mystic!!
no wonder euros think NA players are bad + dumb

AHAHAH exactly what I was thinking :p
ROFL, says taaps... Irony at its best.

For those missing it, learn sarcasm.
Know NA players are bad + dumb*
You're bad + dumb np4all
I'm better and smarter than you so stfu
Werent you caught in the Netcoder scandal?
Yeah, and ? :p
I busted myself a month before so I didnt really "get caught"
McGyver could. <3
do u rlly think mcgyver > mystic?
dont hassle the hoff!
mpg ofc :D

Gotta save some money to bet until sunday :D
gogo impact :D
You have € 192 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 384

GL Impact :P
You have € 10605 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 11347.35

gl impact! :D
wtf with pro lineup ?!:|

how skillest match can be :O
low-- imo
who are these no names anyways
they are only low- ! pls !
big game!
hard one but yet i take pro
gl butchji & rest
hf butchji, toxic, snoop and se razz
hf mPG, gl Impact
where is mystic : o?
mPG will lose because of potter
could be the final aswell, gl yermans
will be later imho
gl idle !
Butchji vs Snoop :D
need mashed
gl hazer & snoop
snoop > mpg
Impact may have to prac once or twice to take this one. ;D
gl razz pothead ,
Hf ! xD
2ez for weak and clown

bl toxalot
where is that movie kangaroo!

and of GL for the all impact = )


TOXIC = Get's every one X)
gl idle!
potter > all
olli his shit head!
You are one of those "mAus I love you please shoot more hs, you are 1 man army. The teams who plays with you wins" persons. You really think mAus makes the difference in teams, if yes why they lost on CDC and stuff. Mpg can take this, but impact is strong to. Just stop overrating mAus everytime.

Oh and:

Good luck Snoop and potter unt ludwig
mAus isnt playing...and yeh he does make a difference, hence why TLR/aMenti won CPC2 and CDC3 he was the main factor, last even TLR were just the better team on the day and nobody from nP had a particularly good tournement.
im not a mAus fan , neither do i think he is a 1man army, im just saying that he does make a difference, and tbh he is a good aimer, but still impact is stronger than mpg imo. i wasnt saying mpg would win if mAus was playing with , only meant they would have a better chance..
just to let you know, mAus never played with mpg - he played with edit against mpg last eurocup season, neither did mpg loose to impact before :-)
ok then, sry :O forget what i said then, but you must excuse me, i probably messed some big matches up :/
anyways, impact is strong atm, so i still think they will win ;p
the defeat versus EDIT was the only one in the clan history of mPG, was not it?
jawohl (-:
frag nicht immer so eine offensichtliche scheiße...
der Stalker meldet sich wieder zu Wort ...
he can be a one-man army, but he hasn't played that well for FG – from what I have seen.
r3vers go get em!
awesome match
You have € 100 on pro
Possible win: € 177 GL mpg <3
night <3
Really looking forward to see his actions once again uumama!
We need more slots and some english shoutcaster...
will be close one ;)
impact win this ofc
butchjiiiii <3
needs some casting or something, considering how poor some of this EC has been at least make something special out of this.
gl tox

You have € 149 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 253.3
theres this new english girl who's pretty damn good at castin, slightly fit as well, ask her! i'm sure she'll be weary at first but I'm sure she'll end up doing it in the end!
You have € 40 on Impact
Possible win: € 77.2 changed my mind :D GL IMPACT I BELIEVE IN YOUS!
well told twinzz, come back to et :<
I am, but I need some little time to get back in shape.
np 4 idle ^^
<3 JaKaZc
who to bet?

1.99 : 2.01

gl impact
izi pro
Lol warum Snoop, bei Impact und nicht MPG Ôô !!
unbridgeable differences
Because butchji is a fucktard and snoop deserves better?
nice lineups
rly dunno who will take this : (
ggl pro
will be close, tho mpg will win
izi 4 impact imo

gl pro
Butchji, he never proof on a lan that he is as good online as on a lan and btw he is an nC customer...

Azatej, he is a member of nC that is playing on a fake the whole time with ETBot. But he isn't playing this match so...

I'm waiting for the day that they will be baned with they bots on ETTV...
*cough* butchji @ qcon? *cough* fakenickers@nC *cough* ?
do you mean butchji was as good @ Qcon as online?
Better infact
He was never as good online as on lans - he plays worse on lans, than the lowest skill that he normally shows on ETTV and it's my Opinion (and a few other players that are high skilled - I'm not...) so stfu (formally known as "shut the fuck up")...
oh crap, you told tosspot to stfu. Shouldn´t of done that. You are going to get raped in some dark back alley for that. hf.
Dude u keep writing the exact opposite of what u seem to think, maybe your english skills should be improved.
yes you written .................;;

"maybe your english skills should be improved."
English pls ? Your reply makes no sense at all :/
you said written, so nice edit.
You wanted to flame but u failed and now u are forced to lie... I've never edited anything, pathetic belgian retard. :D
butchji was awesome on qcon
how was butchji @ Qcon? cuz im pretty new school etc. and i keep hearing he had 20 acc @ some LAN
I had 9,5 acc.
avi or never happend o:!!!!, nobody can have 9.5 acc not even the first day you start to play :DD
Well I never tried to aim for myself. So playing at LAN is like the first day for me -> 9,5 acc
not 9,6?
When I have a good day.
more sarcasm plz! :<, so i heard you were outstanding @ qcon :] whats about the 20 acc stuff? cpc1? x:
iirc he got highest damage given in the final despite being on the losing team? Or maybe that was the WB Final, regardless he was immense at Quakecon. He didnt play that well at CPC1 if i recall, but then he was on a team that didnt play well and people were very quick to forget his performances at Qcon in favour of ones where he played badly.
Yeah, anyone who watched it saw that reload and butchji were on fire at QuakeCon. Clearly those accusing him of hacks didn't bother watching.
okej thnx :] any demos or smth of it?
This little text below, Wrobel (TL of FF X-Fi, NC Player) said in the Interview for his Multigaming:

"Teraz pytanie na które na pewno chciałbyś odpowiedzieć. Butchji cheater? mAus cheater? Marv cheater? Azatej who the fuck is this guy? Stuff od nC? Jak to jest?

Bardzo dobrze wiesz, że chciałbym udzielić Ci odpowiedzi na te pytania jednak nie mogę. Jedną rzecz mogę tylko zdradzić, że Azatej jest jednym z członków nC, który gra sobie na fejku cały czas używając ETbota. Niestety więcej nie mogę powiedzieć.. chociaż może wkrótce? Kto wie."

On polish, wanna read? buy polish skills (and if u know only kurwa u are A NOOB :D)

OFC, i has my own opinion about it - but it's similar to the one from Wrobel. not agree with this? stfu! let the whine begin :)...
In between all the "ż"s that make it hard to read, basically he's saying that Azatej is a member of nC and always using ETBot.
Wrobel and many other people claimed to have solid proof of butchji hacking, yet when asked to publish them all of them did retreat.
Maybe a other Interview? about Butchji? here you get it:

1. Co było powodem, co się stało, że wynik jest jaki jest (4:0) ?
Graliśmy z najlepszą ekipą, która posiada butchjiego ( 3 albo 4 wieśków
w jednej osobie), więc odniesienie zwycięstwa było prawie niemożliwe..
Gdybyśmy grali przeciwko niemu na lanie to pewnie walka wyglądała by
zupełnie inaczej.

3. Co możesz powiedzieć o przeciwniku, oraz kogo uważasz za najlepszego
zawodnika tego meczu ?
Najlepszym zawodnikiem był oczywiście butchji, który w każdym duelu ma
około 70% body acc... MPG jest obecnie najlepszym teamem, trenuje dzien i noc
więc oczywiste jest to, że wygrają tego Eurocupa.

This are only fragments of the Interview gave by Wrobel for

This time i will translate it to English with my engrisz skills :P

1. What was the reason for the loose vs MPG (4:0)?
We have played with the best team, that has Butchji (about 3-4 Wisiek's in 1), win against them was nearly impossible... When we would play with them on a lan the match would be totally different.

3.What can you say about the enemy and who was the best player in the match?
The Best Player was of course Butchji with his 70% Body acc... MPG is now the best team, they train in the day and in the night, so they will win the EC without any Problems.

Is this only a suggest? guess it for yourself, i know what he exactly meant... and ofc more whine pls. :)
You are an idiot.
Butchji cheater? mAus cheater? Marv cheater? Azatej who the fuck is this guy?

I have followed the Quakecon at that time and watched couple of demos and, I confirm, he was the outstanding player : )
against uber low americans? lmao
pro ofc ;]
cancelled or rescheduled
it's gonna be a close match i think, but impact will take this, they have the teamwork and the skillz to do this :)
u think pro doesnt have teamwork skills after all that time being together?
easy for mPG
EC winners vs idle

half od MPG is rly poor... so shld be izi bash for Impact
Well,impact has 3 estonians,that's enough to win
If this game gets wildcarded or smth as a few others of this EC have been I'll cast it, but Sunday & Tuesday are no good for me this week. :(
well wednesday shouldnt be that good for u as well
because chelsea vs manu at that day
would be still nice to hear a sc.
make time!
np for haZer
gl hazer weak
You have € 100000000000000 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 999999999999999999999

gl impact
i trust in dignitas experience !
These are the two best teams in this dreary season. An English shoutast would be awesome.
easy for snoop ^^
You have € 1696 on de pro Cancel bet
Possible win: € 3273.28

all money :)
snoop against his mates :p
All the hatred. :,(
c mon

mpg will take it
Plz lose mpg, I need weak.
There's a losersbracket anyway. :d
My Point stays the same!
If will be rescheduled then i hate EC
elite, but I hope u will lose ^^
can u tell who is who :D
night urtier senji jakacz
night urtier senji jakacz reload r3vers
2nd to right is dracula
URTIER not playing, he's dancing in the street :D

(sorry I usually hate jokes about fatty, but this video is awesome and reminded me about him)
thats why i stopped et... i would look like those guys
Lol, I trust in the dignitas resurection..
Go mpG.
gogogo razz <3

gl mpg
when the match start ? :O
on sunday :)
Oopsie =D I didn't see that
german powerhouse will take it
razz???ok, easy for i'
lol r3vers looks like funny (hair)
really emotion match can be :] GL & HF mPG...
GL... Impact... gogogo sNoOp :) Destroy butchji :P
imo low vs low : DDDD
You have € 314 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 659.4

come on babys

make me proud

i bet all my money on you. and when i say all, it's all!
You have € 350 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 742

gogogo impact!
GL Idle,
You have € 5 on de pro Cancel bet
Possible win: € 9.6
im not very in to ET but if talkin about hacks always same names pop up. butchij, mAus, gnajda, Azatej....dont they have a solid lan proof?they just happen to mega-aim in EC?
i never hear anyone whining about rELOAD, snoop, wisiek etc
mAus = lan-proof

gnajda = busted

butchji = played at Quakecon but I heard he did "quite bad" there

Azatej = dont know
butchji played well at quakecon. maus played VERY well at CDC2 (or "CPC2", or whatever the hell it was called)
ok. post links later if you find them.
whut was suspicious about that avi about mAus & adler?
according to tosspot, butchji was outstanding @ qcon, read above ;)
he was awesome on quakecon, but okish on cdc lans
busted? where? give me proof u fucking tard ;))) lold :D
anti3 plz
anti3 is nothing. It`s "failed" northing more.
I don't really get it why you were the only one that failed. Fuckin hacker.
you just reached a 6star retard-rating
proofs plz?
mAus: was @ cpc2,cdc3,cdc4(LANs)
butchji: was @ QuakeCon 2005(LAN)
gnajda: is pl so i don't know
Azatej: don't know
In August of 2006 :P
butch : and CPC2
azatej : idonthavemoneytogoonlansoplsshutuffukkinlowretard
I was at Quakecon, CPC1, CPC2, PGA and Azatej is actually rich but just doesn't want to go to LANs.
got rich by selling his animate porn on the i'net for sure !

wiesiek had lan-proof many time ago... and at GGT2008 :O
because they r all shit compared to mAus and butchji :) ppl[pc nerds] call them cheaters coz they r jealous
high whiner
Apprends ce que le sarcasme c'est , "high whiner"
wa sir thawa .zamel
Trop cool , c'est justement ce que je disais à ta mère après notre rendez vous journalier.
well all polaks hax and other cool with me :) welll except kot/s4rna/buzka all other hackas
and me :)
not all polaks hax... it's a minority. But ye there are some idiots and cheaters but it is still a minority. And look at Netherlands (ex. xfire ban list) its a smaller country than poland and there are much more cheaters.
and we are not so stupid like u to have a cheater in our NATIONAL team (hi to, as i can remember, allu NC 06)
going to be a close one... expecting a great match ;)
Juris will raip them !!!
You have € 8873 on de pro
Possible win: € 16769.97

c'mon it for me pls :D
Etnicu ty hamoune,kdo chce víc nemá nic..:p
izi 4 pro and mr 50% acc butch
reschedule plz =/ today is icehockeyfinal
germans can`t play hokey?
and in estonia no channel broadcasts it so np
Go for it Toss :(
impact make me rich
mpg is too strong:(

How can you play bad at LAN and good online, whats the difference technically = nothing, so must be the atmosphere of playing around ppl that can put you off your game?
hahahaha xD
just to say thats nothing bad meant against butchji he is still the best!
impact will get this!
snoop gl m8
gl butchji hf clown
Impact! (:
gl impact:)
gimme an english shoutcast wtf
i heard the game is gonna get resheduled
gl all.
I think it's sad that there no longer are any English shoutcasters that regularly shoutcast big games like this. There was a time when there were several at the same time, but now there are none.
Oh well, means there's some space for some new ones to come in =]
English shoutcast will be provided by TGS's Pansy & miTTi as a dualcast. ( for other links!)
right ok cool -.-
You should do it Mashed, you could have become the best one ever ;o
true - but still that doesn't mean much in rl so :P
how's the rugby going? :)
were are you tosspot? :<

i want your shoutcast!!!!!!!!!! :<
possibly duel cast coming from TGS radio with me, if everything goes to plan (ENG)
butchji > all
mpg needs gifty :-)
pot > 100.000 euro! ALRIGHTY THEN
Rescheduled. Hard to bet for such a war :o
gl mpg
You have € 100 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 224
This map will be the same now than in Final lol, gl snoop and hf butchji
impact will win gl night
gl impact :]
impact earn me $$$$$'s!!!11
gl impact :]
Total Slots: 1,545 :O
You have € 1954 on Impact
Possible win: € 4240.18
mmmm what can i say .. impact go for it -.-
mpg my money on you <3!!!!!!!
21:30… +toxicccc`i: game is gna be delayed abit
21:30… @Bartichello: ye but how much?
21:30… +toxicccc`i: 22 or 2230cet about
21:30… @Bartichello: if you have some idea about it
21:30… +toxicccc`i: still not sure
21:30… @Bartichello: k
21:30… +toxicccc`i: when jaka comes back cos his car broke down
lol 22:00
izi for butchji and potter <3
Need Mystic =[[[[ my idol :(
potter :D
potthead :D
nice match imo
Total Slots: 1,870 but et doesnt have 1870 active players :oo
Total Slots: 1,920 now :)
Total Pot: € 144893
Biggest since new GTV i guess ! TOSS where iS YoU ?
I think impact will take it. but if snoop was still mpg they would have won
Potter said it might be delayed to either 22 or 22.30, if its 22.30 I will cast it.
would be awesome!!
im going as fast as this train will take me!
yeyyyy <3
what are you doing in Sweden?
tbh no sign of jaka so your probably in luck where he isnt :D
22:30 :D
will be resheduled anyway xDDDD
muahah x). It will be no match ofc x)
what's video stream????
No one from heartZ will comment this match - Shoutcast removed...
Time: 1h later
Time: 30m later
just a bullshit. is really slow right now. :p
ziek bijna 2000 slots + 1000 slots van die stream
2:0 mpg
2:0 to PRO!
2-0 mPg
razziboy! <3
4-0 gg
easy money!
sad : (
ez bash
4/0 pro gg
lost my money :<
You have € 10000 on gb Impact
You lost

GG haZer izi bash for mpg . who can stop them? :)
You have € 150 on de pro
You won € 298.5

4-0 to MPG / GG & WP
well played pro!!!
me cagon dios y en su puta madre joder en un puto dia he perdido 400 JODER
boring match.........
well played both
it was boring because of the maps!
+1, Upper Bracket Final and 2 crap maps.
well, what do u expect with a mappool like this
im sorry for you :'(
dont be sorry, be happy ...
You have € 2354 on Impact
You lost
uhm OK nice :D just lost all my money :D
4-0 expected and nice try impact but u FAIL >:]
You have € 400 on pro
You won € 796

To bad impact , nice playing mpg.
You have € 4590 on pro
You won € 9134.1

thx pros :*
yw, are you going to cash in now your e-net money :) ?
wasn't it 4-1?
tbh...which team can beat mpg nowadays ?
FatGames imo.
Fatgames lost to impact... don't think they stand a chance against MPG. maybe Impact with a few lineup changes...
impact with mystic
boring game :<
Due to the shitty maps/pool but heh ...
shitty maps ... adler in an EC match puts me off. it is time to bring back some of the "primal" maps such as FUELDUMP or RAILGUN ... for a change. if you play Fueldump, for instance, then the game will last longer than eight or nine minutes. playing Railgun would be interesting to see how both the allies and axis drive the rail vehicle to and fro.
"playing Railgun would be interesting to see how both the allies and axis drive the rail vehicle to and fro."
lol... Railgun isn't that interesting in competition, imo.
as for maps in ET, you have to give new impetus and enrich the map list.
railgun is very nice for comp.
railgun is shittiest map ever...tommy u must have brain issues
all money lost

You have € 8873 on de pro
You won € 17657.27

thx for money :)
how is possible im not first? fcking performance :)
only one clan who could fight vs mpg just didnt exist on both maps wtf ?:O

even when clown was on pwnage :}
rematch @ cdc5!
rematch @ final! u mean.. but I hope there's going to have better maps. like supply idk
or ovr will pwn impact !? w00t impossible but .. :>
ovr already got pwnd by impact but impact got pwnd by mpg even worse
How to spoil the best game of this EC by playing the worst maps.
You have € 100 on pro
You won € 199 :D:D:D
You have € 498 on de pro
You won € 991.02

impact was too low :o

lol the first time i read ur comment i read it like
but then i tought like wtf who wud write bout monkeys here