sublime vs GLITZ-ESPORTS (12895 views)

gb hYpe
gb tyyrd
gb crumbs
nl 0V!E
de reaz
ca anim
nl joshua
nl LavOd
pl zMk
sk filuS
nl Leonneke
22.10.09 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XX
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Homer_ (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 134938
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Gl brenda / Rizzle
gl anim ;O)
juA will destroy
gl joshua
hf glitz
izi for saken
hype > all
hackurs !
no filus no win
they will do better without me ;)
even that jua has wh , still hes too low :(
dont compare medic to allrounder :)
why dont u play?
raymondjeee :DD
razz got new comp?!
gl razz & lavod :)
juA will destroy
lol u will loose, because u havent filuS
gl anim and razz :O
You have € 20 on gb sub Cancel bet
Possible win: € 45.2 good luck sublime!
gl juA
gl anim
No fiLus no win >

You have € 10 on gb sub Cancel bet
Possible win: € 160
juA :o)
Gl Rizzle :).
omg templar omg omg zMk omg omg FiluS omg gl glitz :-)
rizzle still alive!?:D
glitz is overrated :(
no filus? :(
filus + euruz left
you know why ??
why do u even want to know?
did i ask you something ?
it isn't your business so you should't care
ja je kanker moeder okee ? lowbob. ( HIGHSKILLER )

mental : 6v6 high
feis: ilol'd
je bent zo zelf ook maar low+ hoor xD
maar dat weet niemand
maar ik zeg ook niet dat ik high ben ??

eerst denken voordat je iets zegt :)))
dan ben je ook niet in de juiste positie om iemand een lowbob te noemen
never searched high. med+ or high isn't the same at all ;)

<+rY`meNtal> 6on6 high hs clans
* keygeen ( Quit (Ping timeout)
<ronipl> 6on6 low+ hs clans
<fuzzel> 6on6 med- hv serv
<GiiN`aH> rY`meNtal isnt high lol :s
<sHAUN`ch1Le> hahahahahahAHAHAHA
<fuzzel> jude mehr nich
* romero ( has joined

fucking low
:) doesn't mean that i'm high, we were clan praccing but i'm not high and i searched high hs clans keep your fake logs on
''never searched high'' fake logs pls hahaahha :DDDDDDDDDD
nl FEiS Thursday, 15th October 2009 15:13
ja je kanker moeder okee ? lowbob. ( HIGHSKILLER )

mental : 6v6 high
feis: ilol'd

i searched clans and now stop spamming i wont answer
dont anwser then . ???

who was talking first to me fucking morron
tnx man
not exactly, but u want to know the reason why me and euruz left the team...
no joshua no win :)
gl Ovie and Tyyrd

fu glitz without Filusator:-D
gl tyyrd =o
so are filus and euruz playing or not? O_o
Won't be played today, euGLITz used wildcard.
Rotterdam kk gek!! gl sublime
gl ANimm retard
Filus already back? :D
well, me and euruz left the team (and not only us, but we did it more-less officially), josh asked me day after if its possible that we will come back, i said some conditions and we will see how it will develop (the biggest problem and reason why we left is "fixed", so dont see why we should not come back). End of story...
u can give it a name. saken not being active.
thats not even a half-true...
they backstabbed their leader saken lold :D
And how many leaders did you backstab?:p
well if you mean with backstabbing, kicking the leader who gave u a chance to play EC, then... NONE :XDDD
If you got true facts, than we can discuss, otherwise u should stfu :D
A chance to play EC, I has it.
we didnt backstab anybody...
saken told me something else :)
pmme on irc, i will tell u the story
if backstab means better team performance then yea, we did backstab him
gl filuS
Match is rescheduled to thursday 21:00
gl joshua and 0V!E <33
You have € 20 on gb sub Cancel bet
Possible win: € 216.4

gog go gogogogo sublime i got faith in you !
[22:28] <filuS> what did saken tell u?
[01:00] <filuS> pls, dont talk bullshit about saken and glitz...
[14:32] <filuS> i dont know (and dont rly care what saken told to u)
[14:33] <filuS> we have had problems with him for a month or two
[14:33] <filuS> he was not able to pracc and his ingame attitude was below zero
[14:33] <filuS> he was not able to follow the tactics and by far he was the biggest rambo
[14:34] <filuS> BUT
[14:34] <filuS> he didnt get kicked!
[14:34] <filuS> as u could see, me and euruz left the team because of him
[14:34] <filuS> and zMk was decided not to play with them either
[14:35] <filuS> i was discussing with euruz and zmk situation around medics and especially saken for a month
[14:35] <filuS> but as long as saken was a leader, owner and whatever else of team, i didnt even call any kind of vote of him being kicked
[14:36] <filuS> i rather chose to leave
[14:36] <filuS> BUT
[14:36] <filuS> the day after josh pmme if there is a chance that we will come back
[14:37] <filuS> i said that for me and euruz the biggest problem is saken
[14:38] <filuS> who just cant pracc and while playing he is kinda useless for team, doing same mistakes all over again
[14:39] <filuS> if the team thought smth else they could izily find another players (there is no problem to replace me, i am shit)
[14:40] <filuS> u can ask zMk or euruz for how long we were discussing situation inside a team and about saken
[14:40] <filuS> i dont think we backstab saken
[14:41] <filuS> if smth got backstabed it was the team by saken
[14:42] <filuS> having a leader who barely plays once a week, scheduling matches without even noticing the team (i found out that we r gonna play some official only from gtv) + ingame he just cant revive and ramboing all the fucking time
[14:43] <filuS> btw, if u want to know how he was acting ingame, here is one example
[14:44] <filuS> on gr tank attack, he is supposed to follow the eng at back
[14:44] <filuS> he was all the time on main (where i am supposed to be alone as eng/fops), shooting while i had to stand back without any possibility to even revive him because i was not medic (he was med)
[14:45] <filuS> after few praccs seeing him doing that i told him that he is not supposed to be there
[14:45] <filuS> his reaction was "I DONT GIVE A FUCKING SHIT"
[14:46] <filuS> same goes for our supply flag defense
[14:47] <filuS> he is medic down but almost all the time after respawn he goes to middle floor, stands infront of the window and shoot while i just have to stay behind as fops and watch him wtf he is doing
[14:47] <filuS> without any possibility to do smth...
[14:48] <filuS> so, next time when u will be talking about backstabing, just think again and get story of both sides
[14:49] <filuS> we "gave" (gave is not the right word, we didnt ask them to choose between us and saken, we left and they didnt need to ask us if we want to come back) a team chance to decide themselves, and they picked me+euruz instead of saken
[14:54] <filuS> dont post this on public
[14:54] <filuS> i dont want saken to look bad or smth, eventhough that he actually is
[14:54] <filuS> but he is still the man who gave me opportunity to play at the highest level
[14:55] <filuS> and remember that it was not me or euruz who "kicked" saken

need a tissue over here :`)


pl Templar will replace nl joshua
ff serieus joshua, die guy heeft echt problemen man :XD
omg :XD
hähähähähähähähähähähähähähähä hähähähähähähähähähähähähähähä hähähähähähähähähähähähähähähä
just stop man , hähähähähähähähä
why u talk to urself man? :_DD:
hahaha why you delete your comments ? :(

hahahhahaha funny hahahahahahah



kanker !

[14:54] <filuS> dont post this on public
A chance to play EC, saKen gave it to him.
at least ppl will know what backstabbing is all about...
EDIT: btw, u just made worse for him, not for me/us ;)
That happens when u trust a nigger

you might don't talk to ppl who are crazy or ppl you can't trust ^^
coool story bro
basic problems in clan :D
long story bro
You have € 50 on gb sub Cancel bet
Possible win: € 644

make me rich boys
You have € 500 on gb sub Cancel bet
Possible win: € 5495
You have € 250 on sub
Possible win: € 2610
You have € 250 on ovie being a backstabber
Possible win: € 251
gl sub <333
You have € 15 on gb sub Cancel bet
Possible win: € 137.55

gl manimal, ov!e :)
easy ownage for reaz
haZer from riflen00bs zomgz?
reaz homo! hai!
gl crumbs
GL hYpe and tyyrd =D
You have € 50 on sub
Possible win: € 358
crumbs will own
euruz homo! hai!
Gl glitz gl fulus
gl reaz :-)
my gl goes to tyyrd :)
goodlucky haip -_- good luck ovie -_-
4-0 sublime
gg wp sublime
Was close wp
You have € 250 on gb sub
Possible win: € 1237.5
sub 4-0 glitz

well fuckin played

hell of a match & well done owzo mate <3
wp sub :)
You have € 2000 on sub
Possible win: € 9900

thx bazza <3
as i said
You have € 200 on gb sub
You won € 990

You have € 250 on sub
You won € 1237.5
You have € 30 on gb sub
You won € 148.5

You have € 15 on gb sub
You won € 74.25

thx ovie<3

hard times for gliz ;(
Actually we're doing much better then before, goldrush was just very unlucky with the backnade from hype and after that they did well on the spawnkills. And 10 seconds on supply was quite unlucky aswell, we should've went up and exclude the risk of being overrushed.

Sublime did really well though and played alot better then we expected!
You have € 2575 on sub
You won € 12746.25

Thx Hype & Tyyrd ... pwnd u easily :o
greetz from Aggro xD
You have € 500 on sub
You won € 2475
without the keyplayers joshua and saken it is very hard!
saken is useless...
no ovie no win
You have € 500 on gb sub
You won € 2475
You have € 70 on gb sub
You won € 346.5

expected ..
You have € 19 on sub
You won € 94.05

expected ..
You have € 250 on sub
You won € 1237.5
welke kankermongool zet leonneke ook in ze lineup
een andere kanker mongool denk ik :pPpPPp