Team-YoYoTech vs MASCULINE MANS (12415 views)

be Jere
be Worm
be siL
nl jo0f
nl vanQu1sh
nl ins
fi kapaa
fi chmpp
fi Sample
fi Squall
fi Fel
fi Ensam
15.11.09 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XX
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Homer_ (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 177798
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Radio Commentary
de #CubeCast Cast server 1
By: Franc!s
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Language: English

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: 31

Enemy Territory TV
de #andyF1 ettvod Demo recorder
By: h3ll (ettvd)
de |>B<| TV #1
By: Visjes (ettvd)
de Burner TV Recorder
By: h3ll (ettvd)
gb ETTVoD Recorder #Msh100
By: msh100 (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 139


1st, gl mm
2nd, matias ftw
All in YYT

Gogo jonges XD make the belgians proud !
GL squall :D
no miNd no win
You have € 7 on masculin
Possible win: € 107.73
You have € 100 on fi masculin Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1552
You have € 870 on fi masculin Cancel bet
Possible win: € 8534.7
You have € 6000 on YYT.ET
Possible win: € 6540

Ulle grootste fanboy staat paraat!
go masculine ;)
2ez for mm
hard to predict who will win... gl to both, nice teams to play against :)
gogo boys <3
2ez for mm
gl yoyotech
gl YYT but MM will take this
gl YYT
2 izi for maskuille :)
gl YYT

You have € 180 on gb YYT.ET Cancel bet
Possible win: € 869.4
gl boyz :)

You have € 180 on gb YYT.ET Cancel bet
Possible win: € 869.4
gl fel
gl wormi !
nice match gl all
gl jere, sample
Gl & Hf Sample & Squall !! :D
izi for Jereon, Vanq and worm <333
glo chmpp sample :)
makkie voor joof
gl fif...
goeiedag eem! ;D
ook goeie dag eem!!...pak ze .. atack
gl luck YYT
You have € 36 on YYT.ET
Possible win: € 145.08

plz dont make me lose mah fake money again /:
ik wens u een prettige confrentatie
confrentatie XD

nice... kande gij al een bietje nederlands
Always they win (MM), again and again the same thing repeats itself, they are the best, and only a very good selection can win them. Though probably it falls the bargain xDD. ¿The one who knows ?
Estas hecho un personaje, pero en cantidades industriales además.
You have € 100 on gb YYT.ET Cancel bet
Possible win: € 400

gl manne =)
Masculine men are very strong, we're not going to win this, they are strong :PPPP
Nice attitude...........
en zitte op schema? :PPPPPPPP
jup, kzen tege 19u vandaag al kleir, kan zelfs nog nor de cross zien xDDDDDDDDD
izi 4 squall
GL j00f & vanQ & sample
gl both
:)) MM :)))
gl YYT
gl jongens
gl squall semple
np vr yyt, gl manne
hf YYT
You have € 10 on YYT.ET
Possible win: € 40.
Gl ensam !!1!!!111
You have € 30000 on gb YYT.ET Cancel bet
Possible win: € 53100
ihope u can do it now:D
LOL @ odds changing! :D
gl ins.
gl jere
Total Slots: 0

à la TosspoT ce soir hein
Difficile d'en faire autant :|
gl YYT!
Total Slots: 0
Need moar slots xD
Do it fins!

You have € 4328 on fi masculin Cancel bet
Possible win: € 8050.08
go, taneli go
Listen to Franc!s
Language: English

Damn your nickname is confusing. First 2-3 times im sure i read language: French

Well, he is :D
he's a nerd with a nerd nickname so np it's his fault
:DDDD Francis was already taken
4:2 MM
heard gtv is boycotting us :D

wonder why
me too, do they rly think they canl punish us this way? only thing they get is more whine from the viewers
guess your whineing was more anoying
np, match will be avi for replay on demand
can you at least give a reason ? coz as Sample said, the only ppl getting punished by this decision are viewers, so its a total failure..
Im gonna have to agree with fOo on cant punish the team playing, you're punishing the viewers by this...

the viewers are again angry at mm, not on gtv...

remember, if people are demonstrating on an open road with heavy traffic in a rushhour, they dont want the drivers to be angry at them, they want to set a signal about something going wrong
Atleast one gets the point. Thanks.
If someone is demonstrating which blocks my way, I dont care why they do it.
Find a way to work your problem out without bothering other people with it.
don't blame gtv, blame them, they said they can do it all better, we have just taken them by word.
You really miss the point dont you ?
You're wrong, it's not gtv boycotting you. only "some" broadcasters decided to do. Blame your meights, not us, they made clear that they can host their own servers and do it better on their own, go and ask them.
Really? How did you do it? I'd love to get boycotted.
make a journal about their servers -> 69 angry gtv guys will attack you
Move your ass and buy your own server and ETTV if you have a problem with people from GTV.
dont disappoint me jere <3333
nice viewing slots
some slots would be nice :D
Lol ettv servers full full full ..

edit: i can't even here francis :/
ettv dabblers
gl worm
its eurocup

no fucking way masculine will lose :)
more ettv slots !
ffs 1 ettv...
lol pls 100 slots for EC semi final :S
fake ettv ftw
mongol tv man thx homer_
Like I knew it ffs
you could say it in here!!!!

no offence to you btw :PPPPP polish m8;)
Yet another fail week for gtv? 100 slots for a semi final...sick move.
YYT set 13:54 on GR
what the fuck? is gtv totally retarded to give only 100 slots for EC semi?
2-0 MM now
Everybody is playing Wolfenstein 2
I doubt that since there isn't such thing.
are u fuckin serious? 100 slots? and other shit matches get 600+ ? wtf seriously.. nice fuckup
yea they think they will punish mm this way but inf fact ettv viewers are the one who hurts. the biggest failure ever
wut? you feel hurted because you cant watch an ETTV match via gtv? better make up your mind and think about, what gtv gave the viewers during the last years......

yes my heart is hurting omfg what will I do now

think before you will write something next time
plus fucking one
quote from shizo:

Some of mM clearly said that they are capable of hosting their own servers and doing everything better on they own. We just took them by word. So where are your Servers? Go and ask them, they should know who they are.
Besides that, some casters decided to not support this match, it was nothing official from GamesTV itself. You need us more - when we you, to be honest.

so, if you wanna flame someone, flame MM :>
Why should they flame us? Its not our fault YCN cant host proper servers or is it?
i am just pointing up to what shizo said and in his words, you said you are capable of bringing up your own servers. If you arent and its the fault of YCN, blame them and do not support any flame/blame towards gtv.
You have € 97 on fi masculin
You won € 144.53

You have € 1170 on fi masculin
You won € 1743.3
was a nice game GG
You have € 350 on YYT.ET
You lost

You have € 3000 on masculin
You won € 4470
You have € 5000 on fi masculin
You won € 7450

moneh uhhuhhhuuu
You have € 73 on fi masculin
You won € 108.77