Belgium vs Russia (13856 views)

be Worm
be Jere
be Kevin
be undead
be Miss_Epic
ru h8m3
ru zerender
ru jago
ru joke
ru dunzy
02.02.10 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW NationsCup XIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Anaconda (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 86091
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Radio Commentary
de #CubeCast Cast server 2
By: number1dad
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Language: English

Total Slots: 200
Listener Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV
By: eLemenT`Uther (ettvd)
gb Enigma's ETTV #2
By: Enigma (ettvd)
By: Killerboy (ettvd)

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Viewer Peak: 223


gl belgium :p
4man airstrike kill @ axis spawn
chernobyl is in Ukraine..
hope u know that chernobyl isnt located in russia, go to school :)
speelt worm nog?
belgium will roll
zerendunjagokem3 will roll
easy for.... russia!
zerender dunzyeye Jago & h8m3
gl I believe in you (c)
bet on russia, get manejz
I do. I believe in zerender
No xAv No win
lu ? Gl belgium :D
You have e 116 on RUS
Possible win: e 1028.92

Exterminate them, ruskies!

izi for belgium :p
nerds gonna get rolled
izi for belgium

Tu parles sérieux ? ...
tu crois quoi ... :D
omg maus omg.. I always wanted to say this:D
Easy for allstar Jago.
izi f or h 8 m 3
easy for online heroes jago and joke
easy for online hero kevinverhulst
Gl Jago :) jago pwnd all :)
gl RUS :P
easy for kevin!... oh wait
lineup plzzzz
lineups added
omg Kevin omg XD

gl Worm and Jere <3

Cant believe players like Player or chry didn't even get picked for the NC, unless they didn't want too, But bosshoer? Lowest NC ever
Boss is better than player or chry, there aim only :( boss has the aim and a brain
lol miss epic

my money on russia
gl guys, hope the prac helped :)
be Worm
be Jere
be Kevin
be undead
be Miss_Epic <== The DreamTeam :D gl guys
gl mAus

oh wait..
rofl Miss Epic what the shit :DDDDDDDD
Wrong lineup Worm quited ET.
gl bosshoer :D :)
Geen mAus is toch wel fucked up :l

ma toch gl manne ! :D

bosshoer = win
Bosshoer will suprise all the haters <3
gl dunzzzzzz
Anaconda on 01/02/10, 17:43:42 PM | Reply

Rockit doesnt allow him to play : they prac all weekdays and didnt wanna give in.

Damn lame pussies ! :D

else he would have played to be honest :)
people which invest their time in praccing 2 win real money @ lan
rather than trying to get some online pocals
are "lame pussies" :D?
no mAus no win
no maus or david? =(
who is miss epic?
Miss_Epic will go for president after this war but first he needs a namechange
miss epic will deliver
what a fail line-up ;x and russia seems to have a quite decent line-up
kvind em toch ni zo fail ze
Miss_Epic will fail
and you will keep on whining becoz you haven't been selected although you are the 3rd best aimer of Belgium
gl worm
Could be close!
Russia will win
no rizzin no win.
Miss Epic for highest dmg mark my words!
i accept the challenge
Nice faking me bro but you failed. Everyone knows I'm Russian.
k u mite win dmg then but wont change outcome! :D
wont happen, I'm defensive medic, highest xp much more likely
not playing fop?
too bad I'm not, if I would, you would be right bout the dmg, but I'm just doing what I'm told to

worm and kevin are way better fopses than me anyway
Gl Belgium:)
gogo Worm en Jere

gl Belgium !
gl jeroen en wim
no mAus no win !
Gl Kevin & jago :)
omg mAus ? BELGIUM POWA =)
gl russia
gl mAus
i lol'd:
be undead
be Miss_Epic
waarom lol je? :)
gewoon met miss epic :D
Je kunt al minstens 10 man bedenken die je eerder in BE thuis zouden horen dan missepic
lol wrm zeg je da nu? :d zeg da dan tenminste na de game, nu kan missepic zn doubters nog vernedere door keihard te owne =)
idd iedereen bek toe :p
hij zegt da omda Eddo bij s6 speelde, maar nu bij aClmx speelt, omdat hij mij leuk vindt

en nu is trixor een beetje aan het nerdragen tegen mij, alhoewel ik nooit iets fout tegen hem heb gedaan, maarja dat heeft hij niet door
gewoon met miss epic :)
ah oef, ik dacht me mij :D
zie maar daje wint verdomme :p
gl Russia
gl jago joke dunz kevin jere undead
where are is maus
dont know where maus is are
gl h8m3, zerender and dunz :*)
n33d david!
gl worm and jere
gl YYT
who here playing for YYT ?
gl miss epic en undead pwner
Easy for Russia, and for once I'm not sarcastic.

Lio, please save Belgium :-(
faal ;'D
Toen ik da schreef wist ik nie da Worm meedeed.
where is Notorious omg??!

they dont know how skilled i am :(
GL dunzy boy

lack of problems? Not your fantasy!
You have € 195 on ru RUS Cancel bet
Possible win: € 976.95

soz undead :<
all in on russia!
gl miss_epic !
dunzy gon roll this shit quicker than usain bolt on rollerskatez

cos he has been carved from #ALMIGHTY.ET
who is miss epic?
Good luck Russia!!!!!!
h8me out
hummel in

zerender out
4live in

epic out
mAus in

so that belgium wins? :(
gl worn & jere
good luck h8m3!
if mAus doesnt play then I dont know who to bet on :o
miss epic whiner in NC? now its time to admit that ET is dead!
okay, why dont u admin it and then quit, would mean less whine for the people who still feel like playing.
coz u look so cool when u write 'ET is dead' on GamesTV dude !
ooooh so worm didnt quit ET after all :D gl h8m3
bosshoer in NC? pls.
no mAus no win!
all my money on Russia!
no be Gifted no win
I focus on cic7, sorry :P
be will fail :(
gl worm en jere
gl jago joke zerender dunzy will be interesting game
think russia wil win
no vyper no win
worm = allready win, they don't need mAus ;)
Gl&fun bouth!
good luck combat h8me
ëäsy bäsh bë
go go Belgia!!!!!!!! with love from Poland!
Spiroze captain?
russia will roll :D

I hope :p
yop yop no mAus no win ... ahh :) GL Bel. HF Russ.
No mAus no dAvid no win"> Obv win from Russia
gl h1n1 xD
My money on russia :DDDD
didn´t worm quit et? and why isn´t mAus playing for be since he´s active again....
playing with rockit
I'll still finish NC.
why mAus isnt palying? new generation, maaaan))
lol if he didnt finish nc with team belgium, it wouldve been a major stab =)
go mr.jagooo!
its M.Jago not mr.jago :<<<
go Jere
fuck off...dunZ_ scuko, ja na rabote segodnja v noch, pridjotsja replay smotret potom...sCukoooo! Vessahhh, davaj mochi korjagu)))...good luck Russia..
gl zerender ;)
gl tette
omg miss_epic omg
whos miss_epic lol?
rofl @ miss_epic kk noob
Russen-Power macht Belgium sauer! :P

gogogo Russo-Turisto
gl bosshoer :)
no maus at belgium team? :s
gl kevin :)
gl zerend0r
gl be :>
miss epic = lio?
gl BossHoer :D
GO GO BELGIUM <33333333333333333
izi for russia if mister_noob play
gl Worm + Jere :)
You have € 78 on be BEL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 116.22

Cool. Gl to Belgium. :D
go player

gl belgiers
gl russkis all my money on u ^^
gl be, en ik snap die whine op bosshoer nie. Die jongen heeft absoluut geen ego, dus laat die is gewoon spele.
khoop da da sarcasme was
crook doesnt have "sarcasm" in his dictionairy =)
dus tegenwoordig is "geen ego" al genoeg voor skill is van geen belang...
hebk nie gezegd, maar skill is nooit echt zo van belang geweest om in te gerake. Juiste connecties wel. Skill moest altijd blijken uit de games die werden gespeeld, dus laat em het gewoon maar bewijze dan ;)
als skill niet zo belangrijk is zoals ge zegt dan wil dat zeggen dat er nog betere spelers avi zijn dan die in de lineup, wie dan wel? ( maus en david zitten in team belgie btw, kunnen gwn niet veel spelen )
You have € 50 on ru RUS Cancel bet
Possible win: € 153.5

izi money
gl bosshoer !
h8m3 ingame leading will lead team russia to victory
voicechat or teamchat?
woah, did i just play on a botserv with you? :'D
izi 4 russ!!!
no mAus no win
GL h8m3 & dunzy & zerender
gl russia. lets roll some nerds
go go ruskies <3
gl zerender
uNDEAd will bash because he's only high online just like the rest of P&P (right jago?!) =D
well im not =( jago made fun of my damage once =( worst day of my life. im sure jago will have a party on vent after the game if they win :) he'd be so happy he finally beat one of p&p's members in an official =)
so what? undead is a busted cheater
lol how can someone be "busted" and not get banned? youre not making any sense =)
Uh, link please? Because he isn't, he's been on cc6 and never cheated.
he never got busted afaik u mong

just some fail demos

haha Kevin @ supply defense :DDD
funny thing is that jago didn't realize that there was red smoke going through the window lol, plus there was a pause and i was just watching the smoke drifting the whole time and was wondering if he noticed it. but didn't :(
ROFL rayzed, "IS IT OK TO PAUSE RUSKIES?" when 2 guys are missing, pro admin

and keep bashing the moron kevin, he deserves it
wise man is wise
quite sad they waited so long to pause, they actually wanted to win that way i guess :\

and tnx ;)
quite sad u care about it, your truck was staying at the main gate and u had enough time
Well, actualy im not even allowed to pause that match. I did it after noone of the ruskies complained.
If they would be kind of sportsmen, they would pause on their own.
Its not an easy situation if you just came back from an offi and anaconda is highlighting you like crazy to get you there cuz he didnt want to investigate.
i remember seeing some match of idle/dignitas/mamut/u96d where night was playing @ laptop (or something, it was a long time ago) and kept lagging out so the CB admin was using ref pauses til he could play.
gratz with your achievement meight :)))))))))))
what achievement?:d it just shows theres no problem for admins to pause
what do you mean not allowed? you're the admin at the match, you have THE POWAA to pause when a team has visible problems

(btw timezones seem to be fucked on gtv, I can't reply to anyone that posted after CET-1 time, weird)
Incase match is not shown in ettv cancel bets, thanks
i got my fragmovie on standing people

epic material
what is score/drama/story ?
gg wp
wp :) expected though
4-0 belgium

gg manneuh!
I think that bind payed off eventually...

Well done, Belgium. :D
BELGIE! 4-0 ftw :)
poor sportsmanship from team russia ...... must be f****d up geting bashed by a team that´s playing with 2 less...
u should all be sprayed with chemicals ..... oh wait chernobyl
Oh wait..... Chernobyl is in Russia yes. You sir are a genius!!
In 1986 it was (or USSR if u will)..... and tks i know....
Russia is not the USSR.. Was a part of it, same goes for Poland
lmfao not even going to for geo
Union of Sovjet Socialist Republics... UNION!!! Russia was the 'main'state of the USSR but was not the USSR itself.. The USSR cointained 15 countries in total
iZi for BEL
gg wp :D
Fucking russians, i will never bet on you again, i lost a whole 50€!
You have € 1000 on ru RUS
You lost

wp lads!
prodolzhaite arkadit, pohui na obj

Btw, this is Belgium team? Why this blazon? :o)
h8m3 capitain - no potential!
Miss_Epic ho yes ^^
noobjarii...h8m3 su4ka!!!
lol yago they drove the truck with 3 guys to the main gate...

you just wanted to win 3 vs 5 otherwise you paused the game much earlier

but who cares.... :)
blyat h8m3