Finland vs United Kingdom (23369 views)

fi Iron
fi Jewe
fi Matias
fi Squall
fi Stuka
fi twidi
gb Baggiez
gb griim
gb koop
gb R0SS
gb rAzZ
gb sqZz

CB NationsCup XV
Playoffs: Upper Bracket Semi Finals
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Artstar (Highadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 296616
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Radio Commentary
gb #QuadV Stream 2
By: owzo
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: 126

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ET Television
By: aiRen
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Viewer Peak: 44

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 500

Overall Viewerpeak: 544


gl uk!
uk ftw
gl fi
yep gl UK even Fin will win :p but we can maybe have some surprise like vs DE
surprise, or accident so stuff.
depending side for sure :)
:D hurtbutt
everything happens for a reason :XD
gl shumo
gl koop
gl Uk :D
4-0 uk mark my words!
You have € 1000 on UK
Possible win: € 3950

als jij dat zegt
You have € 30 on gb UK
Possible win: € 75

Als ik meer had, had ik het gedaan!
je mag wel wat van mij lenen ik heb er 6000!
aaaah kijk die bigcityboy
No olbaa and Sample = no win
fuck off and die indian nigger
Deathless koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop gonna watch this from University believe it or not you better shout me out you fag

Hope you have your worst game Jewe! (only joking ;p)
what a nerd
still in the uni library -_- looks like its gonna be a replay
mind is not playing mate
finally a rly good game

hf both
Looking forward to it!
GL koop <3
GL gav&ukay!
gl sqzz & matias
fin needs olBaa & Sample for winnah !
olbaa maybe, but iron is doing great atm
UK > GER so easy for UK vs FIN :))
You have € 100 on UK
Possible win: € 277
Finland vs United Kingdom (666 views)
mind deservs a spot tbh, half animal half alien
The game will be very interresting :) Gl Fin
Gunna be epic. gl uk :*
Iron >>>> koop
Squall > ross
twidi = baggiez
jewe = griim
stuka = razz
matias > sqzz

but imo will be battle of rifles, and iron is definately better.
matias > sqzz ? :D
yeah, sqzz hasn't been that amazing lately imo =P matias is better aimwise I'd say
bullshet, sqzz wasnt this good ever
I think it's fair to say sqzz never plays poorly, and when he does, you wouldn't be able to notice it because he's still playing that well :P
Don't you start this sad piss taking stuff with me son, I'll come down your place and knock you face through a brick wall butt

sqzz has his bad games like others, he's a very good player but he also makes mistakes, if people don't notice it then it's because they refuse to accept he does things wrong.

professor kamz off
get back to your elephant pen
i loled :D
my thoughts exactly
& tiggru > all
lol @ sqzz
imo twidi > baggiez
jewe < griim
stuka < razz
Jewe is extremely underrated, hes a sick player, brain and aimwise.
Jewe is probably the biggest retard on the scene and he admits it himself
And why would I care what a brainless low thinks? Jewe wouldnt be playing if he couldnt play at a top level. Just because hes not that known outside the Finnish community doesnt make him a bad player.
ofc ur right i never said that nick = skill just saying my opinion thats all. And i dont said u have to agree this :)
for your information dear son, I played/still play with Jewe for more than 5 years I believe now.
I was in one of the first codelust teams and actually made the step to patched along with them
because only 6 finnish guys still play this game? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
the funny thing is that this isnt indivitual competition. Its about how well the players perform together :)
Good luck R0SS & Squall
all in on UK. GL lads, you wont need it though, you'll bash these finnish ladyboys. 4-0 UK.
all in on UK. GL lads, you need it though, you'll not bash these finnish ladyboys.
Aaaargrhgrhghg gonna miss it..
I think we might have a surprise here
all in on FIN. GL lads, you don't need it though, you'll bash these uk ladyboys.
wait what
what seems to be a problem? Dunno if R0SS and sqzz can handle team FIN :/ and since when Baggiez is so shit
i was more confused by the "gl, you need it" followed by "you'll bash them" :D
edited! :D just copied Altsis comment and forgot to change that part
got it, thought you were trying to cause a mindfuck or two. :D
double mindfuck :o that would be epic
assuming uk is 2 players wiaderko? Ross, and Sqzz? i highely doubt it retarded comment. Maybe u cant get over me raping the whole polish NC team last season =] tripleee minddfuckk
didn't even notice your presence in team uk, maybe because you're BAD!
thats what you get for copy / pasting from an idiot tbh :D
uk got this broes, fin lineup not strongest, they will be mega proud if they win NC even if it's the lowest NC ever and glory days of et are looking to be over unlike the days where i single handedly took them to bronze

btw did u guys know that razz rang his mum after they beat germany :d
Keep editing more
wow sittin there at 11:30 in the morning refreshing? nerd alert lol
Nah, but I replied to you once, then noticed you edited, re-edited my post and then you edit again >_<

p.s. it's 14:06 here atm
it still pretty much same thing :s
even if it's the lowest NC ever

Players make it lowest !
well only like UK, Finland and Germany have strong lineups.. NL, Poland and Belgium are poor and Estonia is ok :/
I think estonia's nice line up is worse than ever
Y u keep forgettin us? U know we nvr reli tried
+1, i didnt play though ;))
Mom:Still a virgin eh?

nah man, he had one girlfriend in his life but she left him because he'd rather play 3on3 offi than take her out, true story bruv
"razz lemme suck ur dick please"
what? y u no combine :S
Iron > koop
Squall > ross
twidi = baggiez
jewe = griim
stuka = razz
matias < sqzz
blahh, agree, no twidi is miles better, never watched jew play, stuka and razz are both awful brainless players and agree
haha lol :D made my day
problem? most people that play with you agree that you are brainless :\

don't get all mad about it, just saying the truth m8
brain only comes in handy when you actually have some aim, meaning you're not really in a good place to make any comments about it
great comment, certainly worth responding to.

You sure want your "Most Hated" title back
did it ever go away? im always gonna be the guy people love to hate the most, no matter what
your comment says everything :)
actually koop>iron imo.
not even close. even though my opinion is bit biased(so is yours), iron is better on every aspect. koop doesn't play well at all under pressure and he isn't experienced at all in high-skill level games atleast compared to iron.
cool story bro :)
nice Rating :P
looks like grandfinal :) izi for UK
no chyba Cie poejbalo , a gdzie Belgia/Estonia? pomysl troche
gl to both!
gl razz :DD
Baggiez > Squall
gl UK
cant compare them
cant compare them
No. He is the reason UK lost to Germany last season and I told everybody in the team and I think they realised this. But since I'm at uni now and won't play ET actively anymore anyway, there is nobody else to take the spot because this game is on its last legs (just look at lineups of the other teams) and UK guys don't give others a chance (e.g. fumble) like other nations do.
You know im a sick fop 6on6 :(
idd if they let you play, "this game is on its last legs"
Come on, it's not just my opinion here, the evidence is there. 500 viewers for an NC WB final is bad and yet, the game hasn't probably had 500 in a while. You can just look at the lineups of some of the teams such as Poland, NL and Belgium and see that they have the worst teams in years and years.

Or you can choose to check the numbers for the latest draft tournament featuring 'comebacks' from some older players, yet viewer peaks were around an abysmal 200 despite hardcore spam and coverage.

After years, finally a lan gets announced (the last one PHX was cancelled because nobody showed interest remember?), but yet the amount of signups is poor and there is a serious lack of teams worthy of winning unlike other lans where you had potentially 4-5 winners.

What more can we talk about here? Eurocup has literally lost ALL of its glory. It means nothing anymore. EMS went forever and removed ET from 'Top Games' meaning you can't access ET videos from the home page. is no longer an enjoyable site to check out. It's crowded with people who don't care about the game and attempt to be funny trying to immitate something I was doing back 5 years ago. This essentially results in a lack of contributors for the game since not many people spend much time and effort anymore. The site is also adminned very badly and hence, the lack of visitors on there nowadays.

Facts are there my friend, it's up to you if you want to ignore them :-)
well, my previous answer was a troll. You're not the best troller anymore!

i get those fact you claimed, and i agree with you!

cu d00d
I just like posting things
man, players like squall have won lans and played as teammates with Night and Anderson, do you really think so?
hey man, he has been to lan too, only prob was his team finished in same spot as ALMIGHTY who formed a week before the lan and were at the bar getting drunk before every game. loooool.
douchebag :l
Stop replying to all of my comments. You're beginning to look like a Stalker :xx
gl kooper
gl uk !
gl UK!
come on!

You have € 50 on UK
Possible win: € 128.5

Go United Kingdom!
hf sqZz, ROSS, baggiez :D
gl to both!
IZI 4 uk
go koop baggiez and razz noob!
gl UK
looking forward to this one :)
uk should win, they are praccing every night hard (nerds)

most likely won't be watching anyways but good luck :-)
We were saving wakizashi for final... but we might have to bust him out early for this one.
never gets old this one
When in doubt call in a g5 playah, boom!
When in doubt whip it out
GL uk, nc winner.
I think this will be a great game, unfortunately for all KAMZ fans he won't be able to particapite in this game due to Disney related duties. we just found out that our beloved "Manj" aka Kamz aka Curryhead has been auditioning for the movie "Pinochio 2". we should wish our ET allstar all the best wishes with this and we look forward to seeing you in a movie in 2014. Anyway we have found a better candidate for Kamz's spot, SoF-BaggieZ, who under pressure beat Kamz to the goldrush truck to secure the gold so its a easy choice for us uk lads. The first person to reply to the is the biggest geek wonder who wins it
Looks like you spent a while writing that one. ":D"
do you recognize how gay you are?
says the one who's name rhymes with Hardon

get your own shit faggot,

kamz rollin americans like terrorist since 2k9
u legend :D i actually laughed
You have € 264 on gb UK
Possible win: € 1114.08

easy money

gl UK
maps? If supply, UK will do it
both get to choose their own map, won't be announced until 30mins before the game starts

can only say for certain that UK's map can't be radar/sw_gr and our map can't be adler/bremen, because those are the maps we selected on the last two games so they're not available for this one
If we win this, uk players should rly quit ET
i dont disagree here. I support finland but since other players missing like olbaa or sample or dunno.. I see ur winning really hard, but ofc I trust ur very skilled team play will deliver as usual
You have € 1337 on gb UK
Possible win: € 4759.72
GL UK!!!
gl dave gonna be hard one :)
expect 1300 viewers :D
If it's even half that, it would be a surprise :-)
why? there hasn't been so much since CiC7 :D
Game got advertised on other forums?

Total Slots: 5,000

Good luck both! This will be an amazing match to watch.
Gl UK!
gl jewe, matias, sqzz, r0ss
Where is kurwa olbaa
Dont let med down dave we are all couting on you!
im gonna take it
do ctrl+f , type "kamz", profit
he's so inactive i see, normally it would be 1/2 comments
all those comments took me maybe 5 min? for example, you watched this game and spent at least an hour of ur time doing so.. so let's not compare here shall we
only 2 stars wtf
too fuckin easy for uk, fins without olbaa and sample.. gl.
Agree with sample, thought I would prefer ensam instead of twidi, and altsi instead of jewe :p
np for uk
whats wrong with cb site :/?
izi uk :)
Gona be a difficult one without Sample and olBaa

gl mates x
glhf both
GL UK, GL sqzz =)
GL finland
Iron > koop
twidi = R0SS
Stuka < griim
Squall > razz
jewe = baggiez
Matias < sqzz
twidi = R0SS?

nice thinking m8.
STOP betting on the UK! i need better odds for when they win :P
You have € 144 on gb UK
Possible win: € 469.44
in uk i believe
You have € 15000 on FIN
Possible win: € 21300
gl lads
PFFF 2 fking awesome's teams but i go for FIN
Gl Mztik, mEEz, Xpajz & OlbAA
Tu m'expliqueras pour quoi tes con
*tu es/t'es
toi tu veux ma bite j'ai l'impression !
Améliorer ton éducation
You have € 412 on UK
Possible win: € 1337
t0mmy boy <3
well done yesterday ; )
gl boys
lol 180 players on ETTV allready and players havent even connected to the server xD
gl dave ^^
Haha crazy fin bitches. Make uk look pathetic syeahhh. Will UK FINALLY WIN A NC IN 7 YEARS? WILL IT HAPPEN OMG ITS SO INTENSE
finland is what's wrong with ET -.-
wat? :D
just find it pathetic to just stop playing with so many viewers ._.

what the fuck guys
I thought shoutcasters are not supposed to chat during the match, or only in teamchat. Or none does since the "gratz belgium" on adler in BE-FI NC finals. Even with tvchat off there is a sh*ttalk by randoms..
the one who said that wasn't a shoutcaster I think

not sure though
+1, airen is an annoying cunt.
Supply? sqzz fragmovie... Fucking impressive...
the duck finish nerds are doing

oh wait
You have € 320 on gb UK
Possible win: € 604.8

good boys
ha i won!!!
sqzz won, nice team won
und ich habe meine wette gewonnen :)
jetzt darf fister mir nen bier ausgegeben auf lan :DDDDD!
sqzz > all
4-0 teacountry
wp twidi & jewe
Disappointing game.
wp koop
le bash
You have € 4000 on gb UK
You won € 7560

played uk :-)
wP finland!

shoutout to Iron for not giving up on supply
yeah on this one I disagree with most of my teammates. I think it's not nice to stop playing eventhough it looks pretty bad. wp.
especially for the viewers
Yeah totally.. but still admirable of you to still play.. ggs anyway
no like no quitterss
gg iron oldskool prac harder youd be like whaa
shame to see fin give up on supply.... shit attitude. wp uk.
4-0 uk
gg UK so strong!
shitgame, wp uk
You have € 5528 on gb UK
You won € 10447.92
You have € 52 on UK
You won € 98.28
holy crap.... UK gonna make it!...

& we've made the 500 viewer peak!
544 if you count the Stream viewers!
shut up name faker
Your ego doesn't match your skill, thanks for the money UK.
le rape
I liked it better when the odds were like 3.99 in Finland's favor, but thanks for the money anyway
most horrible game ever, ggs UK.
Shame that u give up like that on supply.
Someone just said go afk on voice so people won't get frustrated that's all. So I went. not that it's sportsmans like, but what can I say. Fucked up game was fucked up.
UK vs BE final gonna be nice !
I canno't even reply to the right person
wp UK <3 Sqzz :D
no sample, olbaa decem = no win :!
according to the stats wp koop! gonna watch replay soon.
afk killer on supply :x
You have € 900 on gb UK
You won € 1701

cheers razzboy
loser bracket > upper bracket

wp uk
and must say gg koop u played nice lad
gg wp lads

Finland really are missing the likes of Ensam, olBaa, sample and walle, expected more from u gays! UK beastin
True that bruv. True that.
You have € 77 on gb UK
You won € 145.53
ahahahahaha gg UK ahahah fucking fintards lose :D:D
You have € 430 on fi FIN
You lost -,-
twidi 5k damaa, jewe 6k. ootte pojat pelannu taas aika paskasti, geegee
En voi muutakun olla samaa mieltä ja sanoa että pojat vaihtoon , tosta paskasta tuu mitään , jätkät lähtee viel luovuttamaanki.

Sinä ja webe tilalle?
Enpä niin sanonut missään vaiheessa , mutta ei sitä luovuttaa tarvii vaikka kaveri jyrääkin.
mäne muualle pätemää
must be annoying getting rolled by sqzz and ross again, sage memories?!?
Voisin vaikka tullakkin, eihän vittu voi hävii koopille x)
WTF someone beat UK already plssss. This is retarted
Lowest NC ever. Stop editing my comments faggots!
expected :P
You have € 4444 on fi FIN
You lost

i never thought that the Fins can lose
You have € 288 on UK
You won € 544.32

i never thought that the Fins can win
You have € 200 on UK
You won € 378

I knew it!
Lady Macbeth uk kOoP 75 kills
and they say he can't compete at high skill
afk kills = skill
yh killing afk ppl require big skillz
All these noobs hating :( I only killed 5-7 afk people :((
You're shit mate!!!
Nah joke, you played well dont worry ;D
he played well on radar too to be fair :P
Pretty lame from Finland to go afk for 4 minutes on supply even though they lost it already.

gg UK, well played
I was expecting more from this one...
wp uk
You have € 1507 on fi FIN
You lost ;((((((((((
Well played koop :)
I thought Matias could handle uk 1v5... What happend?
You go dave, the golden pocal will be yours soon!
koop must have been thinking like oh yeah they are afk, for once i can get nice stats vs good oppos, lets kill them
koop was owning b4 they went afk and was owning still when they played radar np4uk koop wp geezer

and wp rest of lads u all played well
are you kidding? :D he got like 3 or 4 kills while they were afk
Anyone who thinks gtv or stats are an indication of contribution to the game is a bob anyway. Thats like comparing phyzic to sqzz... sqzz will always get lower dmg but contribute 5x more.
A lil while, ppl fanboy phyzic while sqzz dicks him in every aspect of the game. But it represents us all, I am an extremely obj based player and do everything I can for the team... I don't get any appreciation (except for the smart ppl in my team). My concern is new players in ET copy phyzic instead of sqzz because he gets more dmg. This creates a new generation of useless rambos and the amount of reviving meds is ever dwindling. How many reviving meds can you think of right now? Theres d4v1d, reload, sqzz, squid, me and what? Reviving meds are VITAL to a team... but noone wants to play it because it doesn't get dmg & ettv fans.
razz is fuming on comms right now :DD
im not a reviving medic :'( thanks dave
+1 Griim

couldnt agree more
I mean its no offense to you, every team needs a designated rambo and you do that role quite well. But a team can only afford one of these players and the problem is people speccing see the dmg and automatically assume highest dmg = best player and copy what you do.
2012 et = dmg why its shit nowadays
you're my new god.
Couldn't agree more
I'm the best Dave, don't forget about me. I'm the best.

You and me should start a secret hideout of medics.
Nice excuse cuz u got bad aim.
man I love you, couldnt agree more but you can't deny that damage is still somehow important, in some way but its true, a reviving medic is vital to a team but as written above, et in 2012 is just about bunch of bobs playing the show to get fans
this one of reasons i don't play anymore and when i dont play -> game suffers
I can tell you receive my appreciation and you are right. SqZz is nowadays the BEST player of ET coz he just got everything.

100% right, obj players > dmg players... plus aimers are chickens, they hide and pack up a lot
koop had about 20 afk kills by the way xd