Team Dignitas vs The Last Resort (31668 views)

ee Anderson
de drago
fi Squall
fi olBaa
nl Lightning
it Xylos
gb sqzz
be mAus
nl M1lk
gb R0SS
ClanBase EuroCup Upper Bracket Final
05.12.10 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXII » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Homer_ (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 741742
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
gb #QuadV Stream 2
By: owzo
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: 245

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 861


1st :DDD
or just exactly
fuckin nice editing ur comment so they all think u started the chain ":D"
fuckin nice editing ur comment so they all think u started the chain ":D"
fuckin nice editing ur comment so they all think u started the chain ":D"
fuckin nice editing ur comment so they all think u started the chain ":D"
":D" chain the started u think all they so comment ur editing nice fuckin
":D" chain the started u think all they so comment ur editing nice fuckin
fuckin nice editing ur comment so they all think u started the chain ":D"
fuckin nice editing ur comment so they all think u started the chain ":D"
fuckin nice editing ur comment so they all think u started the chain ":D"
fuckin nice editing ur comment so they all think u started the chain ":D"
stop. pijama time
nooooo. I want to watch mum :<

e: nice shnz, trying to claim my beloved quote !!
good game
goooog mAus
been waiting for long time for this match
nice game :)
finally :) gl both
i hope they let play mAus, since he's not playing activly anymore becouse have girlfriend , TLR is just less efficient and badder :(
what are you talking about????
As far as I understood he expected mAus to play less :P
sorry my baby i have ET scrim, we can't meet today :( ` working all time
gdzie pracujesz w gimnazjum forfiter.cwaniak ?
i talk abaot mAus
"badder" :_D
badder is even worse than the bast!
girlfriend?, what its this?, live out here? OMG!!! Maus came back came backkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!
fail polak troll attempt
you are wrong my friend :D
easy for dignitas lol :)
replace olbaa with Night and you have the ET dream team :P 4-0 dignitas
lol olBaa ? they're have dream team now anyway
you mean replace fi matias with eenight and then you have the dream team
just kick all those finish retards.

whos retard now ?
finish people are retarded.
cool bro!
nederlanders die nie kenne schrijve ook.
ik kan wel schrijven, kan me alleen maar verstaanbaar maken in het engels kan het spreken en verstaan alleen het schrijven is een probleem. maar jij moet eerst leren je woorden af te maken voordat je tegen mij begint.

zal je wat bijles geven.
nie is geen goed nederlands.
en kennen doe je met je met je hoofd kunnen met je handen schrijven doe je met je handen dus wordt het kunnen, als je kennen bedoelt zou er ook nog een n achter moeten.
schrijve komt ook niet voor in het woordenboek ik denk dat je schrijven bedoelt.
replace anderson with phyzic=dreamteam
watch reply from yesterday, he was a beast
matias is awesome :(
i think night for matias and matias for squall imo
yea it is the game of the year :D

gl hf both
4:0 dignitas for sure. GO SQZZ I BELIEVE IN YOU ANYWAY
Predict 4:2 dignitas!
GAME_OF_THE_YEAR!!! gl SqZz :)
gl sqzz <3
cu again at final
too easy for impact, no matias no win
no matias? :(
Hes computer is broken so no
who is trying to play for him then? :(
noobs will be noobs! I could fix his pc by staring at it
dignitas ofc. but sqzz will force decider. unless someone assassinates maus' gf.
gl ross.
Will be fucking awesome
omg m1lk omg
be is roll for easy honda
IF hayaa doesnt play dignitas wins easy
2 stars
when is this mach ?

good things come to those that wait
Good luck Rossmate

You have € 57 on Impact
Possible win: € 124.83

I has faith

You have € 20 on
You won € 38.8
Heb nog 8x€ over >D
ik 350 euro nu :)
Tege morge heb ik wel meer!

You have € 1337 on
Possible win: € 2740
gl sqzz!!
does the real mAus play there?
Wer sollte stattdessen spielen?
naja hab gehört der echte hat aufgehört
ja dafür spielt jetzt sein Bruder rAtte mit seinem account..
nämlich von wem?
jetzt verarsch den jungen doch nicht Techniker..nur weil der so jung ist kannst du ihn hier doch nicht verscheissern.. mAus hat aufgehört...weil sein freund kAtze ihn beim ET spielen immer geärgert hat ;)
woher wollt ihr wissen das er jünger is o.0
vllt seid ihr auch jünger :o)
Nein sind wir nicht.

1. merkt jeder nicht geistig behinderte es sofort an seine gutgläubigkeit + seinem kindischen verhalten

2. war er schon bei uns im ts hat sich mal bei uns beworben ich weiss wie alt er ist :)

3. sein roter yawn eintrag sagt mir alles was ich wissen will :DDD
who's the fake one?

Impact will win <3
ross>drago XD
Ross underrated :P
aimwise ross is better then drago and you know it!, people just like to put poor ross in a corner >:D
ross>drago :D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
lol u mad ?
mAus > Anderson
sqzz = Olbaaaaa
xylos > Matias
m1lk > squall
ross < drago
mAus < Anderson
sqzz < Olbaaaaa
xylos > Matias = xylos = lightning
m1lk < squall
ross < drago
what's the point of comparing players individually when it's 5 on 5?
that's so fuckin true man !
that's so fuckin true man !
that's so fuckin true man !
gl m1lk :D.
welkom terug eh :).

how many ppl is gona watch this game?????

Viewer Peak:1300-1400


omfg need 3 stars;[ gl both GAME[]OF[]THE[]YEAR[]
game of zeh yir
OMG OMG Maus = Sex Machine OMG OMG
this will be a show down
Finally able to cast again, GL both sides give us a beast if a match =)
Solved problems with your dad? :{D
Yes, I let him have his PC back.
Impact needs a better player than m1lk for the win !
just wait till he's at his top again! it's a bit soonish tho
g sqzz and ross <3 & impact :D
gl sqzz and ross:)
Hey m1lk i would like to wish ya the best of luck. Really nice guy on msn/ts hope you win this one! Dignitas is overrated, use the right tax and you win this one. GIB

gl squizz <3
gl drago & Lightning
2 stars only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GTFOOOOOO
gl milk. vitamin d = win
4800 euro at mAus..
same with pds:D gl sqzz boy ;) dario &co
why not 3 stars?
gl m1lk and impact :\
m1lk out and teKoa in =D

You have € 8576 on Impact
Possible win: € 16122.88

in impact i belief
Who's m1lk? oldschooler?
not that old really
one of the best nl players ever back to 2005
mAus > olBaa
xylos > Lightning
R0SS < drago
M1lk < squall
sqzz < Anderson

good Luck :D
lol odds :D
Total Pot: € 67082

a perfect match!
best match of the moment.
mAus > olBaa
xylos > Lightning
R0SS < drago
M1lk < squall
sqzz < Anderson

gl :)
omg omg i gonna pee!
izi snoop
loser of this game wins EC
that's just the way it goes
r u serious? replying to urself? :D
omg mAus omg
Can't wait :)
me > you.
boring match
h4h4h 4h h4 h4h4h4h h4h ha

ban of the year
sory but i dont care about shit gtv they can ban me 4evahhhh :)

e: i spam cuz i wanna be banned :D:.d .D:D :D:D:Dd
You have € 473 on Impact
Possible win: € 1045.33

5 legends against 5 wanab's.

thats right. you read me right. impact for the fucking win girls.

ross n sqzz. absolute teamplaying legends. maus, damage master. xylos, rifle mastah. and milk? well hes the oldschool legend all-rounder every team needs. e z bash.

im all in , ball deep and counting on you lads. do it for et, do it for youreselves, do it for uncle kevlar. (no shoutout, no win)

Are you mentally retarded?
r u ok mate?
dignitas are wannabe's? Oh please, stop smoking whatever you are smoking.
dear lord. get a sense of humour! dignitas rock, and all are lovely guys! .....just not as lovely or as pro as impact <3
yeah.. you really should get off that trip you are on..
"Uncle" Kevlar, that sounds soo wrong :)

*got a few quid on them aswell :))
HAHAHAHAHAHA, best comment.
you sire, just lost ll your moneyz :)
this match gonna be the fina 2 for sure!
i just love all the retards saying maus>olba squll>sqzz r whatever since it has been proven a long time ago that this game is not about indivisual skills this is about teamplay and for me impact have better teamplay.

but i guess we´ll find out on sunday , gl boys have some fun :)
ye but when someone hits over 100 hs on supply and get over 10k dmg pretty hard
why mAus>olbaa and squall>sqzz eyyyy ? >:D
Not so much in 5on5 imo, you get someone gibbed on full quick enough (which is a lot easier with better individuals) and they've likely lost the stage.
dignitas to win
You have € 162 on Impact
Possible win: € 667.44
GL :)
xylos easy bash
winner of this game wins EC
The Year of the Game
og og og dragobert
Can some1 give me Cybergames server ip's ?
Gl Dignitas, try to avoid Impact winning 1 map and running away & claiming they got a shared win
gl sqzz, ross! =D
chry > m1lk
for the love of R0SS -> All-in on Impact
i love Ross more than you!
big love :D
Total Capital 156.53 €
omg M1lk omg

nerd polaks flaming oldschool :(
omg omg omg :PPP
no Hayaa no win
ITS OVER 9000 !!!!
You have € 171 on gb Cancel bet
Possible win: € 506.16
itze nice! ;D
gl both
hope impact takes it!
there is one rule - no night no win;] gl squirtle sqzz them all
thats gonna be a good game :]
gl boyssssssssssssssssssssssss
GL ross sqzz olbaa

why dont u play haya? :E
gl matim8
where is hayaa????
Quote...With this announcement, comes a lineup change due to nlJay "Hayaa" Bonhof stepping down from competitive gaming. His replacement is none other than nl Robert "M1lk" Buijs...
gl gavin
GOODluck TLR.!!!!
You have € 100 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 165

mAus < olBaa
xylos > Lightning
R0SS > drago
M1lk < squall
sqzz < Anderson

mAus is overrated
I guess you are underrating both maus and m1lk
M1lk is underrated, perhaps. But not right now, as far as I know he hasn't been active in a while, and the last time he came back to activity it wasn't exactly a quick "oh, I played a few matches now I'm back at the top of my game" thing. He may be good, but I'm thinking he'll also be really rusty/out of practice.
milks aim might be rusty, but he can prolly still play this smart...
Man, I lolled at your comment. Don't know if it's want to be serious and you are this retarded to make a comment like this or you are just one funny guy. Doesn't matter, NICE!
You have € 397 on gb Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1004.41
Easy for dignitas <3
omg TLR omg :o)
Diginitas will take it
GoodLuck The Last Resort!
where d fock are 3 stars?
Easy for TLR !!
only 2 stars?! wtf?????
lv Clown
pl doktor > m1lk
be mAus
es winghaven > Ross
fi Matias < sqzz
nl Ligntning < Xylos

only maus??
this not TLR !
it is:

The Last Resort
TLR is multigaming. new lineup every year.
Clown pwn in Giants
It would be more logical to compare Clown with R0SS
gl hf TLR
4:0 d
fi Matias
nl Lightning

it was TLR
Nie lubie Cie, ale z tym sie zgodze ! Najlepszy team w hisotrii wdg minie :)
napisalem podobnie troszke wyzej jak widac musi byc copy od damage X:D!
XyLoS already played rifle for them when they were aMenti
+ cz marv
Fuckin hilarious polak wnb trying to act like oldschool plz :D gtfo and say hello to zyklon-b
you forgot aCoZz
jihaaaaa tlr is back
You have € 100 on gb Cancel bet
Possible win: € 250

Niestety :))
mAus will make the difference but it wont be enough to stop the unstoppable.
guess they need Chuck for that eh
Insane Game, cant wait.
Nice to see that we've another great "d. vs TLR" match, it's been a while. :)
gl R0SS & Sqzz, make me loose my money & win it :)
funny mix of players. xylos, matias, maus, m1lk, olbaa all have played for some amenti lineup in the past =D
gl, but ?
omg TLR omg! Lower squad than in past but still TLR! :> gl
Xylos will deliver ;DdDdDdDdDdDDdDddDd
w00t w00t
WHAT A SICK MATCH OMG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GOTY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Need tosspot for this one !!!!
there's owzo :)
Need tosspot for this one !!!!

You have € 210000 on gb TLR Cancel bet
Possible win: € 363300

I hope dignitas win. Having this much e-money feels nerdy.
You have € 328 on gb TLR Cancel bet
Possible win: € 567.44
You have € 250 on gb TLR Cancel bet
Possible win: € 432.5

Go Xylos !
can someone tell me is this the grand final? Im not sure how this upper bracket / lower bracket stuff works
for example if dignitas wins, they are in the grand final, TLR would need to play against the winner from the lower brackets, and the winner of that match would play against dignitas again. The team coming from the lower brackets needs to win twice in the grand final then

e: hope it was understandable / helping

playoff tree, might help a bit more :P
dignitas will take it if matias plays, if not it might be close
feels like 2007
3 stars omg
sQUALL make the difference
vs be mAus
k thats a kinda gay comment imo
Would you mind telling who they are, from left to right ?
reload(anderson), drago, squall, olbaa, matias
And the last resort pics?
Soz, TLR 2 weeks team, no money for it.
olBaa can handle mAus ;)
Im betting all my 61 bucks on TLR, please win now ! :s
omg 3 stars, too much pressure.
it Xylos gb sqzzs gb R0SS's nl M1lk be mAus
0-4 4 TLR :)
awesome match =D
You have € 8000 on gb Cancel bet
Possible win: € 17520
gl rickyross
gl mAus!
dignitas, make me happy
nay, was i bugged or did i forget to press 'place bet'?
whos gonna win????

You have € 200 on
Possible win: € 448
Total Pot: € 534059
Nice pot ! :)
gonna be a great match, gl tlr boyos + olbaa :PP
tlr need doktor & clown!
Called'em... both back next month.
maus pokaz co cie nauczylem suko
the pot gonna be the 2nd in the Top10 of Gbooky Total-Pots
hf both
great match, no idea who will win :p

gl Dignitas
my cash on dignitas Squall better bring his game up
lol at odds, hf loosing 200k whoever bet it
Gonna spec Anderson !
Rich gbooky-ers must bet more !

50,000 more and it will be #1

poor killerboy is poor :'(

QuoteYou have € 0.17
You have € 70 on pl high5 Cancel bet
Possible win: € 163.8

Nice fail from you there :P
40k more come on we can do it!!
how u find server i.p to watch live?
servers r already full u cant watch sry
A few minuts before the game starts, you ll see the serverlist
Awesome match ;).Gl both :).
Total Pot: € 636748

New record
jakazc cant do this sry
old TLR > current TLR

but still its TLR :]
Who bet around 50 000 to make the total pot reach € 630 000 ??
How to join up the axies team on ETTV?
Total Pot: € 654666

gl jaka sqzz ross
great match
gl ross sqzz and the rest of TLR :)
Total Pot: € 666666

hehehe xDDD
Total Pot: € 666666

Total Pot: € 666666

You have € 65 on gb Cancel bet
Possible win: € 126.75
JaKaZc => Lightning
gl olBaa!!!
2.06 TLR
The bets are closed.

ty numeric ! fu off polak
cant liten to owzo, british english is so fucking gay
U.S english is not even worth being called an accent... Please learn about the real english accent..
Then you really have no idea how the accent started. Go do some research before you start acting like a wnb
Enlight me then, but I still don't get your point
British had the same accent as the Americans. Americans just continued to used that language, but some fucktards from South-England wanted to be elite and started to twist words like retards, upperclass stuff. And now all the Brittish wanted to be upper-class and everyone started speaking like little twats.
Total Pot: € 741742

and they you will listen
izi 4 tlr
Tiens un revenant. :{PpPp
11.07 by dignitas @ supply, 1st map 1st round
SO unluck 13777
going for 800 lol

Total Slots: Auto
Used Slots: 794
Viewer Peak: 800
2:0 impact what the duck?
2-0 TLR

Fucking awesome match guys! gg!
nice lags
This is 5on5! :P
reload vs maus rematch. :P
9.30 radar 1st round by TLR
2-2, decider to be voted
2-2, well done Lightning! =)
2:2 OMG
fucking awesome game <3
the funny part, i really think you enjoy this that much :d
lol ddignitas 4.9k dmg :D
time set 8.43 at goldrush by d.
4:2 d. gg
4-2 dignitas gg wp
4:2 dignitas
You have € 634 on
Possible win: € 1229.96
wp both
4;2 d.
Well done dignitas!
Nice game, rly ! wp gav :)

You have € 29850 on gb
You won € 57909
gg really impressive performance by squall on goldrush.
gg wp both :)..

Look forward to the 2nd match between these 2 in the grand final :P
hYVÄ tANeLI ja OuLA oOn yLpeÄ
You have € 256 on gb TLR
You lost

TLR are nothing but a fucking joke
maus ego quit, gg olbaa <3
best match ever ! Lightning beast <3
Nice match, lost my money tho.. Kinda dissapoint but well played!
You have € 50000 on gb
You won € 97000

hyvä pojat :)
wp squall!
GG.wp both teams!
Lightning is a beast
the next failonly match
well casted owzo mate, too bad the 3rd map wasnt adler
nobody likes adler now :'(
pm me with audio on demand pl0x. Was at work during this :(
Great match :)
You have € 65 on gb
You won € 126.1

i think dignitas forfeited supply to make some competition
anderson carried
not on supply :D
well I only started watching when you attacked on radar:p
You have € 20 on gb
You won € 38.8

Thx Dignitas & wp

wp dignitas :p

You have € 11000 on gb
You won € 21340
wp xylos, sqzz. replace the rest of tlr imo.
You have € 700 on gb
You won € 1358

moneeeyz again *-*
You have € 312 on gb TLR
You lost

haha even when u win ur a loser wtf :D?
You have € 2750 on
You won € 5335 ;D
Nice match, lost my money tho.. Kinda dissapoint but well played!
Wow what! Are you trying to copy me?

Nice match, lost my money tho.. Kinda dissapoint but well played!
Wow what! Are you trying to copy me?
You have € 1190 on gb
You won € 2308.6
You have € 66750 on gb
You won € 129495

tight game (I guess) - didn't have the chance to see it :(
otat muijastas eron ku se ei anna tulla edes yhtä matsia kattomaan helvetti
heh :D no onneks on replayt
You have € 5473 on gb TLR
You lost
Awesome match <3.
NO TLR{ NO WIN! We want TLR{ !
dignitas wins ECXXII!!!

will be good match
looking forward to it :)
you think so? try watchin the replay and you'll know :>
drago saved.
i lost all my money :((((((((((((((((
gg :)
Recruit meez and remove milk, otherwise youll be losing to dignitas everytime.
Upper Bracket Final
Total Pot: € 741742
Listener Peak: 245
Viewer Peak: 861

Wenn du damit sagen willst das ET nicht tot ist & das das ironie war dann wars ein eigentor :D
Das zeit nämlich wie tot et eigtl. ist :P
m1lk in TLR= insta lose
Does anyone has statistics of this game like of the players etc since the beginning of this game ?
You have € 8000 on gb
You won € 15520
this match is in top 10 comments aswell now :P