Team Poland vs Finland (44189 views)

pl wiesiek
pl dialer
pl krisek
pl zMk
pl Xanah
pl S4rna
pl Dolar
pl n00n
fi Squall
fi decem
fi stuka
fi chmpp
fi lettu
fi twidi
04.09.08 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire Nationscup
Manager: n00n1337 (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 248099
The bets are closed.

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gl fintards
this match isnt going to be played on sunday and I have no idea where someone picked that lineup.

(yes I replied to bring forth mah comment)
GREAT! dont cry FIN, I even have never liked your vodka (bleeeee). Yup Yup
2nd :(
izi for finland
no chance since crossfire didn't allow top polish players to compete that shitty nationscup
"You buy cigarettes, I bought bot." :-DDDDD
Funny to see comments like this from you. Very interesting.
Funny to see comments like this from you. Very interesting.
Too bad that ur a busted cheater.
Oh, too bad for you that you are wrong.
Sorry, but ur words don't count. I feel sorry for you.
Funny to see comments like this from you. Very interesting.
hahahahh fucking idiot :DD
could be true
remember kids, its down the road, not across the street!
squall will take it =(
ill be at home arround 22.00 :(
poland ofc
GL Poland
polski komentarz by sie przydał :D
ez for fi
gl fin!
gl mikko
gl fin
gl pl ^^
You have € 318 on fi FIN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1227.48

dont fail me!! <3
izi for pol
go n00n ;]
gl Poland! <3
gl poland!
gl orly n00na.. ogien!!
macie to wygrac bo bede biedny .

gl hf POL... wiesiu masz pokarać! ja chce zobaczyc przynajmniej raz cały team wybity przez ciebie :))) gl POL hf FIN need Lettu :)
jajecznica°° GL <3 diAAAAAAAAAAAAler :P & zMk

Team PL FTW!!
gl Fin
where is lettu :x
ziomek kara !!!!
shoutcast wookash?
mam nadzieje ,ze polacy raz chociaz przygotuja na 100% do meczu i rozjada finow.
poland GL u need it, izi bash for fin
bad lineup, finland should have: Morty, kotkis ,jauhis,mystic,raveneye, replicator and jorseonnorse as a backup
please, youre missing out Feuersturm.
go go PL Rangers
where is lettu ? :(
Good luck Polska <3
You have € 100 on fi FIN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 251

fucking finn bitches die if you don't win. k ty
dont rape them, mr niggerschie
POL 1.71
Fin 2.41
:D:D gogogogog PL!
You have € 100 on fi FIN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 249
You have € 250 on fi FIN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 615

no lettu no win =)
gl pl
sarna pozdrow w koncu :XD
Need mystic.
chmpp=epic fail
need mystic
HS back! nice ;)
just wiesiek 3 ofc:]
2eaz for stuka
wont be played on sunday
iron playing?
no NETR no win
izi for dialer :D
close match but finland imo.
fin=no iron no lettu no mystic no win
Squall > Mystic!
thx! <3
hes just a disgusting asslicker
if i were why am i licking squalls ass then and not mystics?
bcuz mystic is not posting here, so u cant reply him?
You have 32491 on pl POL Cancel bet
Possible win: 49386.32
Forever and Ever babe:*
thx to all those polaks betting on proland so the odds are higher for zeh fintards! easy money
va bank Polska !
Poland...... nothing special. Thanks for the money finland
yeee poland nothing spiecial :DD But malta ego quit in first map ;xddd #care
Malta ? where it is ? Africa?
or a small river in nepal maby?;o
tupuland i think
Ofcourse you don't know, you have no schools there in poland ;(
im not polish ;)
lol get replay detected =D
we have school but we dont waste time for learnig about some small village in ...(?) hmmm
It seems you don't waste your time at learning english either...
ofc coz u banned 5 polish best players for plaing with gnajda :D
japa kilerboy kasztanie ,gl poland
Thanks for the comment KiL|3rBoy : x
Proland rulez !!! Malta nothing special !!!
lol what the fuck is wrong about the odds,as if poland got a chance
01.08.08 21:30 CEST

The bets are closed.
Killerboy nothing special xDD malta egooooooooooooooooo, quit :< och, tell before the match

pl Xanah
pl S4rna
pl Dolar

gl hl
Easy for POL
Moze nie izi basz ale POL wyora :$
Ogien kurwa!
gl wiesiu =)
Total Pot: € 102292 N1
izi money, GL fin!
hf wiesiek & Xanah
gl THE others :(
gl both :** Squall FTW !
I will scoof! about killerboy (what a nick name^^) if PL will win without top pl-players (not allowed to play) like: wrobel, wiadro, naga...
not only hax but HAAXXXOORD wiesiek will do it ! hf :]
wiesiek>wrobel :P

but ofc wiadro>all

triple w could have beasted this NC for sure
Wiesiek rozjedz ich :) :P :D
killerboy kid :<
Gl Polaks.
gl fin´s
gl&hf fi..
Dont let us lose our money Fin ;D win those polaks ;D
you better win this1 fin...or els i dont have any money.

Killerboy ^^'
Gl poland :) pokarać chmpp'a
whoah :D
kit kot kat :o)
GL P(R)OLAND !! wiesiek & s4rna bijce! dialer nie urwalem Ci glowy na UGS to zbij teraz;p
oh pls where is Lepari :( ez for Finland anyways
Status Quo - He is in the army now


but luckily they have squall so this should be izi for finskapojkar
:( maybe he will pwn some polaks in the army? lol jokes
o m g what a shitlineup from poland
best possible
let's blame killergay again
don't tell me, you are gn1das boyfriend?
rofl poland needs no fucking gnajda to own any cup, top clean players didn''t want to compete and these ones who wanted weren't allowed to, just great
I sense the nationalism be strong within you.
say thx to cf admins :)
no lepari - no win
"Witaj chmpp. Jakie jest Twoje zdanie na temat polskiej drużyny?

Cziterzy i lagerzy? Nie chcę dalej komentować."

Dojebac im za to kurwa :! Ze spawna nie wyjda!
Smiec ! Zaorac mu dupe !!!
zajeb wszystkich!!
A chuj obchodzi nas zdanie innych?
Get a life i niech patrza na swoje line upki
oon pettynyt jollei decem pelaa tai anna shotout mulle :)
gl both :)
decem, no win
oh cmon, decem is not that bad, at least he is somewhat known (or WAS somewhat known xD)
true, he's not _THAT_ bad.. but hes a whining bitch
You have € 20 on POL
Possible win: € 35
gogo wiesuaw!
Izi bash for crosby.
gl Fin.... lepari doesnt play??????
Hes in army atm asfar as i know
izi for wiesiek
gl pl
easy for fin
no iron no win :<
Wiesiu sam ich pokara :[
no money if Fin lose.. dont betray us Fin.. win those polaks ;D
You have € 20 on FIN
Possible win: € 47
z ET jest jak z pilka nozna, kibicuje Polakom ale wiem ze i tak dostana wpierdol
tu sie rzadziej sprawdza ; )
sam masz krzywe zeby !!
ment @ roba u polish hater

ja pierdole
gl chmpp
gl fintards!
go go Finland, let them eat shit...
Where's the Polish kitty?

Btw. gl FIN. <3 Squall
hf chmpp
jaktoze nehraje lepari za finy?:(
stejna otazka, jako "proc nehral za cechy marv nebo za svedy ferus". Odpoved taky - nemuzou, nechcou, nehrajou :)
Velka skoda. Je to super hrac:(
no takovy je zivot, stary hraci odchazeji a novy se objevuji :)
xpaz \lepari \ torpso ?
why they aren't in lu
hi2u2 Wiesiek?

15 Aug 2006 22:22 ****4DA5BA95 because i change my hardware

If u write this etpro guid on yawn u see nice red Triangles:>


Even the IP's are matched
really? oh no I am busted now? :( or maybe with pb guid?

Looks really suspicious since the ip's match
omg u busted wiesiek :Oooooooo

look the pbguides tard
pb guids does not mean anything since u can change them easily with just deleting your etkey
ja retard but explain why he one day has a diff pbguide with a red yawn and the next day he has his normal pbguide ?
Like i said pb guids are change able so some can be red yawned some not :DDD
you cant change back all the time to ure own fag
Yes you can. Just copy it to some random folder then delete the one in ET folder -> voila new pbguid but you can replace the new one with your old one whenever u want!
butchji spoke !
Thanks!, seems like that fag desire does not know what he talks about really:DDD

"The 1 with red triangles is using this IP : 89.229.253.*** Poland (Grudziadz) 2007-06-14 19:01:55.0 (GMT+1) 2007-06-16 19:49:27.0 (GMT+1)

The clean 1 is using : 89.229.96.*** Poland (Stargard) 2008-08-20 00:13:28.0 (GMT+1) 2008-08-20 00:13:28.0 (GMT+1)

As you can see both start with 89.229 so i think IP's are proofed now =>"
we need the IP proof by exact date (CB or CF will do fine)
The 1 with red triangles is using this IP : 89.229.253.*** Poland (Grudziadz) 2007-06-14 19:01:55.0 (GMT+1) 2007-06-16 19:49:27.0 (GMT+1)

The clean 1 is using : 89.229.96.*** Poland (Stargard) 2008-08-20 00:13:28.0 (GMT+1) 2008-08-20 00:13:28.0 (GMT+1)

As you can see both start with 89.229 so i think IP's are proofed now =>
you proof you are an retard -.-
actually only the first 2 characters need to be the same, dont talk if you dont know enough about it ok? gg
293.5km only beetwen grudziadz and stargard :* he must cheat in grudziadz.
GTFO u fucking naab :!<
lol XD
sorry dude, but what you say is only one big shit
stfu finally
Dont try to steal killerboy's "job", we like the way he try to bust innocent people(i.e. squall time ago x'D). One clown is ok, two is too much.
go go fi squall :)
killerboy is suspicious with his to big brain
gl zMk, wiesiek, chmpp
gl Suomi
gl both
poland ofc
Total Slots: 980 - need 1000+ hope W:ET fans all over the world show EVERYBODY that we never surender! 1000+ peak!
I hope that FIN takes this match. It would be great to see BEL - FIN
wouldn't it be the same great to see BEL - POL if pol is enough strong to beat fin?
izi bash for pl S4rna !
chmpp low

hf (sre)krisek & wies(szak) :-)
wiesiek plays?
fin ftw... pl ure going down (=
You have € 50 on fi FIN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 106.5

All my money left :D Go for it Fintards!
nonsense poopypants 8< i miss lepari! ;'<
PL assfuckers got owned tomorrow
if they got owned so it can't be tomorrow
All in!

You have € 6650 on fi FIN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 12834.5
Call !

You have € 398 on pl POL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 831.82
u lost :)
You have € 181 on POL
Possible win: € 380.1

GO PL win plz (:p)
Finland wont win without lettu, so go poland :o
where's lettu?
go polax
Gl unhitable polack :)

Total Pot: € 135400

Oh... bet's total pot?
Nice pot we got there
Total Pot: € 248099

Hmm ^^
gl wiesiu i zMk :)
GL2ALL playerz
pl Poland gogo wiesiek>Fin!!
To easy for fin :PPP
hf dialer
hf dialer
gl fin
why you aren't in, ffs >D
not part of the team in this season.
go finland;))))))))))))))))))<3;D
Who is gonna face belgium for the final... Hf both, pity i can't see the game :<
So final is : BEL vs PL :D
4;2 pl
Total Pot: € 160954
go go go FIN!!!!!
Go go we can do this m8s!
You have € 100 on pl POL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 230
Calutka moja kasa :))
You have € 250
possible win 575
You have € 141 on FIN
Possible win: € 249.57
All my money on u guys, gl :)
YE KARII that is a lot of money !!! xD
gl finnnair
Gl Poland skopcie dupy finom
You have € 467 on pl POL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1088.11
To ma byc moje ! :D
no iron no win

ou have € 2000 on pl POL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 4600
hf loosing 2000 euro
np i was allready 2nd place on gtv thats enough for me :))
money on suomi :)
Possible win: € 198.88

GO finland !!
Poland Frag This Motherfucker's:D
all e-kolehti on suomi! ! gl
Team Poland vs Finland (8109 views)... ET dead ?

anyway will be a great match xD GL both :D
ofc pl

EDiT: gl zMk
Gl & have fun

Poland izi
kurwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ogiennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn wiesio pokaz kare jak zawse :D
I hope Finland win, I hate all those polish comments on gamestv...
Orly dajcie czadu!
GL pl !
Polska musi wygrac ! jak nie, to bede bez kasy :PP :> GL
np for .PL
gl Xanah
gl neighbours
gl cipkas
Total Pot : € 199911

Someone put 89 e-euros pls :p


Total Pot: € 200001 <- I said 89, not 90 :D
100 on fin
honestly, I got no idea who will win :-)
Finland seems stronger, but if today is one of the better days for some of Polish players, it may be too hard for Finland.
I'll bet on Poland only because I can win more :-)
no tosspot no fun again
my money on PL
Nice match.
dream on
izi 4 chmpp
You have € 108 on pl POL
Possible win: € 260.28

lagg me to the money!
+ lettu will play :)
Lecimy nie spimy!!!!!!!! POLAND !!!!!!!!
almost 200k in pot lol

P(r)oland !!!
Gl Fin!
Fin <3
wiesiek pozdrofki maja byc dla mnie :D pozdrawiam gl!!!
O kurwa...
I tak bedzie ogien bo Ty gtasz ale Sarenka > Edain

kurwa to reszedule bo przejebiemy bez sarny :X
blame boski
oh shit! you need luck or even miracle now without sarna and $!
gl ffxanah
where is mind
You have 32491 on pl POL Cancel bet
Possible win: 78628.22
:* pocisk plz=]
One and only love...

GL & HF @ watching :D
go wiesiek ^^
we need toss !
I dont like Poland and I don't like Polish guys either,

But now I betted €100,00 on Poland I will be 1 hour friendly to the Polish people,

If you lose Poland I will never forgive you stupid poor bastards.
Suck yours mom dick
get life mr. carebear
hi2u samael >D
... z kim Ty sie witasz PatxD
Kij z nim :D
przemus pizdo :[
xDDD =] dobra wiem ze chodzisz z nim do jednej budy...
Ok Sweex but if we win U must love Poland for ever! =]
I love you forever.

You won €251,00
get a life
You have € 1907 on fi FIN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 3222.83

last min bet =P gl fin
GL Fin GL poland
Hope to see 1 of the greatest in history
i want radio in english not in fucking polish or german or portuguese
omfg what is this
english is main language over the world
esperanto is!
pussies* :)
rather say pussy's like this then penises :D
when you want to say pussy in plurar you should write pussies :P

if youu mean something other, i dunnoo, too drunk already (after school) ;c;c;cc
i'm starting to like polaks xD
game is over?
4:0 pl
2-0 pl
oh my GOD my heart :D good job poland and wiesiu i lof u !!! berzaaa
izi =)
You have 32491 on pl POL
Possible win: 81552.41
Na was mozna liczyc:*
e-money whore :*
3000 v pici kokoti POLSTI !!!!!!
Burn pooland.
2-0 for pl BUT finland will win 4-2 !!
You have € 8 on pl POL
Possible win: € 20.08
4:0 pol izi :D
silver or gold medal =)
4:0 PL
4-0 PL nice match
wiesiek only def :)
anal rape
thx neighbours for money :))

You have € 112 on pl POL
You won € 281.12
noh, ainaki suomen pelaajat sai enemmä e-moneeeh tääl
thank you
You have € 100 on pl POL
You won € 251
GG POLAND !!!!!!
expected with that lineup :-d
but remember Poland has banned half of the best polish players :)
And the best finnish players have quitted or can't make it to the team :(
quited and banned is a difference :)
You have 143 on POL
You won 358.93

thx ;d
muhahaha never seen so much lotto
Skill lame
i still like you don't worry
You have € 2000 on pl POL
You won € 5020

thx wiesiek :D
Jak z gownem!
gg :)))))))))

lost my money's
Serious Lotto, Lotto city, Lotto tastic..............
GREAT match! thx 4 money.... Finland owned 4:0!
a n--n znow zle obstawil :D
mAus > wiesiek
Ok teraz tylko beltardsy i gold nasze :D
You have € 1400 on pl POL
You won € 3514

GG xanah and wiesiek
thx 4 money :*
izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzi Poland
No to polska nie elegancja francja !!!
You have € 15000 on fi FIN
You lost
gg :)
hahaha THE WINER IS :D
mitä vittua?
You have E 290 on POL
You won E 727.9

You have € 52 on pl POL
You won € 130.52
lost money but still satisfied :XD
I Bet 50 i Can Win 120 :)
lol wtf rofl its mystic
100 € ON POL won € 251
gg thx money ;)
wiesiu za ile lodzik?!
You have € 120 on pl POL
You won € 301.2
Of course now all "great European, enlightened and most skilled" players say that it was just a lotto. Typical for jealous haters. Can you just say "WP Poland" or "GG", anything like that? Too tought, right?
WP Poland :D
this is probably the first time in 5 years that ive said enemy had lotto in crossfire/gamestv after a loss so yeah jelous blablabla
and its likely they would have won with less luck also coz we didnt play that well but we'll never know since all of their nades just instagibbed us left and right..
and never gonna give "gg" to oppo that just spams some stupid quotes and acts like that
in case you didnt notice, it was respond to something... and no, we didnt have random shit binded.
You have € 117 on pl POL
You won € 293.67

my wygrywamy, ty jesteś z ukrainy i dla nich grasz!
280 € on pl POL Won 703€
as i expected :)
History never lies! POL 3:1 FIN, 4:0 same as last year in WorldCup!

You have € 14 on pl POL
You won € 35.14
kto karal?
wiesiek and Xanah a ogolnie wszyscy POLACY!
btw.wiesiek busted?!
wp Pol, gl to the final
thats nice! respect to FIN and looking forward to your match against GER! gl
fuck u loser
must be a personal problem? :))
yeah, he didnt make it to team BE
personal joke ;)D
man I have crazy dreams about future of your team, you wanna be stars? PM me ;)
gg didnt watch it
but gg
rofl plz
what the fuck ..
viewer peak BEL vs GER > POL vs FIN
wp gg, sorry for that performance we gave
Wiesiek bomby z komsosu!! zMk super rifla , twoje nady spadaly wszedzie .....ogien w skrocie:):) GL & HF w wielkiem FINALE:)
lol i went all-in on finland :/
The lineup of poland doesnt seem like much on paper... wtf happened
"on paper! man check history first ;)
You have € 590 on POL
You won € 1480.9
im waiting polish got busted on haz :D
polandit ny laitto aika hyvää xfiree teil, mut iha hyvä matsi oli vaik vähä turhauduittekin siin
wth happend:D?
shitty fin lineup
You have € 400 on pl POL
You won € 1004
You have € 110 on POL
You won € 276.1

ty pl
You have € 366 on fi FIN
You lost
You have € 60 on pl POL
You won € 150.6
thx POL
np4PL You have € 54 on pl POL
You won € 135.54
easy money, wp wiesiu
onces again my money :<<<<<<<<
hacker won :(
You have € 100 on fi FIN
You lost

wasnt there an anti3 or something !?
You have € 35 on pl POL
You won € 87.85 izi bash
You have € 699 on FIN
You lost
omg again lost money... first ger... than fin... sad world
PL owned all, You forgot...
prolands connection owns ....
You have € 307 on fi FIN
You lost

thx. :)))
gg poltards
You have € 5235 on POL
You won € 13139.85
according to the laggy shit of poland, belgium has no chance at all

wp proland
You have € 43 on pl POL
You won € 107.93

You have € 110 on pl POL
You won € 276.1
thanks poland. smart to bet @ hacks You have € 68 on pl POL
You won € 170.68
Zal kurwa zal tepe chuje :)
malczik xDDDDD od kiedy ty za polska ? przciez ty jestes za ukraina !! wiec zmien flage na ukraine bo nie jestes POLAKIEM USWIADOM TO SOBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bez polskich znakow kurwaaaa
You have € 2000 on pl POL
You won € 5020
gl wiesiu xdd
fu lamers
damn this was a good match!!!!
first 2011 comment!
second 2011 COMMENT!
2011 !
2012 ! ; D